PBB 737 Big Winner Rankings (as of July 18)

It’s time again for our Big Winner rankings. So much has changed in the PBB house after our first round of rankings. We got to know some housemates while a few still haven’t showed their game a month in.

Here’s the updated rankings so far. The arrowheads or bar on the right side of the rank indicate whether the housemate went up, down or did not move in the rankings.



  • Ylona has moved up to the top spot after a solid performance these last two weeks. She has recorded her own song “Win The Fight” and her and Bailey’s version of “Magmahal Muli” (the first song created inside the house). And with Barbie gone from the house, she has strengthened her loveteam with Bailey. However, it seems that she’s not in good terms with the older housemates, and have been a mainstay in the eviction list for the last weeks.
  • Kenzo remains a strong contender because of his continued exposure since day one. In the past few weeks,. his loveteam with Kamille got so much attention that some episodes are centered around it. Harmony is an issue with Kenzo as he grew apart from the younger housemates when his loveteam with Kamille started to bloom.
  • Bailey, moved up to third because of his fan base. His loveteam with Ylona had much exposure because of their weekly task. And thanks to the “Magmahal Muli” special task, we finally witnessed his singing ability. He still needs to work on his relationship with the other housemates being hard to work with when it comes to tasks.


  • Jimboy after a forgettable first two weeks, jumped far onto the front of the pack because of his strong showing last week. We learned much about his backstory last week that added color to his personality. And apparently, he’s one of the older housemates that the younger ones seem to look up to (maybe an effect of the personal task he did). He still needs to show more confidence to break through the top.
  • Franco still stands firmly in the fifth spot. He has shown his leadership skills and talents but we still know nothing about his backstory.
  • Zonia jumped two spots to 6th place after a solid showing in the weeklong lig-task challenge. She’s starting to show more of her personality: her competitive spirit and never give-up attitude. She’s surely making an effort in opening up to the older housemates. Continuing her strong performance in the succeeding tasks and knowing more about her background can boost her chances.


  • Kamille has slightly fell down the pecking order. Much about their loveteam is instigated by Kenzo. Although she has shared much of her story, she got zero nominations from last week’s positivized nominations clearly showing her distance from the other housemates.
  • Last time, I discussed how Kyle needs to show something unique because he and Kenzo occupied the same space. Two weeks on, and Kyle has still haven’t separated himself. In fact, he has associated himself with Kenzo more this past weeks. Call himself as B2 to Kenzo’s B1. Even though he’s looked up to by his fellow housemates, because of his sameness with Kenzo, he has trouble growing his fan base.


  • Ryan getting evicted last night was such a big fall. Two weeks ago he was the front runner. After coming out of the gates strong, he lost steam becoming a bystander in the new events in the house. He has distanced himself from the other boys and older housemates. He’s lost all the sunshine he had. Like he kind of lost energy to participate. Bailey has even replaced him as the joker of the house. And has wrapped up his story with a face to face conversation with his mom.
  • Zonia is totally doing a Vickie Rushton
  • The KamZo loveteam just won’t die. Can we already lay it to rest? It’s clearly some kind of cabin fever.
  • The live nominations was such a masterstroke by the PBB management to create drama after getting neutered by the MTRCB
    • Positivize the nomination? Let’s surprise the housemates by also letting them nominate face to face!
    • Needs adult guidance? Let’s invite Kenzo’s dad and Ryan’s mom as “coaches” so we can discuss Kenzo and Ryan’s stories
    • Need Filipino values? Let’s force them eat frog and balut.
  • Am I the only one creeped out by Franco’s “moves” on Ylona. I find it disturbing.
  • Is it just me, or did Ryan’s mom sing a different tune this week compared to her initial confession room interviews?
  • When is Enchong Dee coming in?

Let’s see the changes in the coming weeks!

PBB 737 Big Winner Rankings (as of July 18)

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