PBB 737 Big Winner Rankings (as of August 1)


Update (August 8,2015): So after a week of confusion, it seems that the Teen and Regular housemates will not co-exist in the house. So after last night’s eviction, it seems the Teen Big 4 will leave the house tonight before the Regular housemates enter. And man, the vote to evict mechanic is such a gamechanger. Last year it was Jane, now Kenzo gets the short-end of the stick.

The time of the teens alone in the house is almost done. Regular housemates are coming next Saturday! Hopefully, the new housemates can give the house an extra boost of excitement. The nerfing effects of the “dialogue” MTRCB had with the PBB management made the show stale for the last three weeks.

Queen Quinn King is not amused MTRCB

I’m excited to see how the dynamics would change. Will the older teens defer to the older regular housemates? With 24/7 adult supervision inside the house, will management bring back the PBB Livestream? Will Bailey find another girl to have a crush on?

Anyway, here’s the last two weeks’ Big Winner Rankings:



  • Ylona retains her position in front of the pack. The team performance two weeks ago highlighted her strengths but also exposed her weaknesses. She was an undoubted showstopper during the performance, dialing her talent up to 11. But not without tension-filled practices, with her teammate Kyle deciding to leave after the stress. She’s working on her people skills, noticeably having lesser votes than in previous eviction nominations.
  • Kenzo stays at number 2. He’s still an active housemate in the storylines, either as an outspoken and reliable team player at tasks or a lightning rod for issues (KamZo loveteam just won’t die). And lately, he’s trying to build up the BaiLona loveteam.
  • Jimboy jumps to third place, eventually overtaking early favorite Bailey. Like Ylona, Jimboy was given the opportunity to show off his talent and he was able to pull it off. He recently showed his selflessness and determination by winning the
    “tulong app” challenge to help a more impoverished friend of his. The voting public took notice of his continuing selflessness as he impressively dominated last Friday’s eviction night.
  • Bailey slips a little to fourth place. Nothing new happened to him these last two weeks, aside from removing his Promise Red Ribbon. With Barbie out of the house, his eyes are now on Ylona (cheers BaiLona shippers).

BOTTOM 2 (RANK 5 – 6) 

  • Props to Kamille for still being in the game after countless times being on the chopping block. I guess more and more people are voting for her after FINALLY showing her dancing and acting (!) skills. They had to invite her former Teacher Georcelle to make her dance though.
  • Totoy Smiley Franco is at last place. He ruffled the feathers of some housemates when he contemplated to switch teams after feeling that they’ll lose the team task (which they won). He also showed some desperation to be saved from eviction, eventually letting Bailey get immunity in the last nomination. And for the last six weeks, he’s the remaining housemate without a proper introduction to his backstory. This spells bad for Franco as he’s up for eviction with eviction veterans, Kamille and Ylona


  • My heart goes to the Zzz (Zonia Zilent Zupporters). I really thought she’ll complete the Vickie Rushton
  • It was nice to see old housemates invited to judge the 737 concert. Too bad Bea Saw and Maricris weren’t there.
  • PBB already pulling out an outside world task? Wow, they’ve really ran out of ideas.

Until the next Big Winner Rankings! I’m excited how many regular housemates will enter next Saturday.

PBB 737 Big Winner Rankings (as of August 1)

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