Pop Reactions: On One More Chance 2 Rumors

One More ChanceLate last week, ABS-CBN reported that John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo broke the news that they will star in a new Star Cinema movie, helmed by no other than Cathy Garcia-Molina. It could have been any other movie announcement only that it happened at the press conference for the book version of the trio’s 2007, One More Chance. The announcement just reinforced the rumor that they are planning to make a follow-up to the hugot-hit. This rumor has been flying around since December last year after the actors and some staff members revisited Bellini’s — a key location from the movie.

We here at Pop Philtre highly regard the loveteam and movie. I’m, pretty sure we even watched One More Chance in its first week of release. So now, we weigh in on the idea of a One More Chance sequel and the possible directions it can explore:

YO: Initial reactions for a One More Chance 2 would probably range from a wild “OMG THAT WOULD BE COOL!” to a skeptical “Wait, they aren’t serious are they?” Of course it’s a fun idea, but then again, creating a sequel will be harder than it sounds.

The problem here is that One More Chance was such an iconic film that spoke to its generation at the most opportune time. Even though there have been a ton of classic romantic Pinoy movies before, One More Chance was perfect in displaying love in a romantic sense, in a comedic sense, and more importantly in a relatable sense. It’s not just because John Lloyd showed everyone that it was okay to still be in love with an ex, but it was his journey from a clingy boyfriend with Bea Alonzo to a heartbroken, 3-month-ruling, hopeless romantic that made him so appealing.

Creating a second means that it would have to not only be at par with the first one, but it would have to surpass its sequel. Then again, since this is the Philippines and people are suckers for romance stories, it would make perfect sense to make another one.

For the sequel, I’d pattern Richard Linklater’s Before Midnight, the third movie between Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. This way the audience can get a glimpse of what happens next with Popoy and Basha but at the same time still have that sense of authenticity and relatability that loving someone isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

BEA: On the onset it seemed like having a sequel to our beloved One More Chance was exciting and long overdue…but after the initial adrenalin rush it was time to get real. There’s a reason why there hasn’t been a sequel in the past x number of years… and that’s because nobody wants to mess with a good thing! After spending two years apart after their break-up cum “ako nalang ulit” [something that totally resonates with about a million zillion people not just in the Philippines but in all of humanity] phase, Popoy and Bash use the time apart to grow individually decide that they want to be together “when the time is right/better” – which is where OMC ends.

That being said, Poy & Bash are together again as a more mature couple. More understanding of one another, less drama… which can be problematic for a movie plot! I would imagine that P&B 2.0 would have worked out everything that caused them to split up in the first place. Trisha (Maja) would be busy recording demo tracks with her band – far too busy for a boy toy!; Mark (Derek) would be way too busy to hang out with Basha because he’s about to be a first-time dad; and Helen (Nikki) would be… hmm… probably the Vice President of Sales & Marketing in the corporate world. Everyone would be getting along with their lives and perhaps P&B can finally get married, settle down, and build the house of their dreams together!

EUGE: Rejoice for the One True Pair is back! A love team so strong and respected that no one dares to smush their names. Belloyd? John Lloydea? JL-B? No sirs and madams, you have to spell it out. Respect the only love team that made you feel utterly fragile– John Lloyd-Bea.

But, as much as I’m happy that they’re back together, I don’t want them to turn One More Chance into a franchise. A movie with so much pop culture relevance should be left alone. Let it rest in its laurels. One More Chance already had its chance and it used it magnificently. The story of Popoy and Basha ended on a proper note. No need for One More Chance II: The Streets.

But if they’re ever planning to return to the OMC universe, I’d prefer if they explore the other relationships in the film. What made OMC different is how the main pair was surrounded with other pairs with different personalities. The steady pair of Blind James Blanco and Dimples Romana, the failed pair of Janus del Prado and his ex-fiancee and the foreshadowing pair of Derek and his wife. It’s time for the perennial supporting players to get their chance. I’d certainly watch a Janus Del Prado-led movie.

P.S. I’m tired of seeing Bea Alonzo being typecast as the forbidden object of desire in her recent romance movies (see: The Mistress, She’s The One and The Love Affair). Give her a proper character!

MON: It’s surprising that it took 8 years for Star Cinema to realize that they had the movie that birthed the Marcelo Santos III generation. I’ll definitely watch this when it comes out just to see if they’ll just rehash all the whogoat lines from the first movie.

OMC 2 will probably be about Trisha and Mark, crossing paths after the aftermath of hurricane Popashang. Both will try their best to imitate the holy Poy-Bash union only for Mark to find himself in the arms of a virile (Insert Favourite McRib here i.e. Piolo P.). After a couple of years dealing with the fact that she was Mark’s beard, Trisha finds herself selling most of her possessions, building a raft and aiming to row all the way to Taiwan. In the midst of a storm, she realizes the pointlessness of her journey; an act borne out of her lovelessness, and jealousy for Mark finding his own second chance. Cue helicopter rescue scene with future love-interest stretching out and saving Maja from the tides.

OMC3 will be a prequel, just so we can milk this even further. We follow Trisha again as she finds herself the young favorite of a local politician. The old man recognizes her talent and becomes fond of the young singer. Unfortunately, when stray hands meet thighs, relationships are shattered and Trisha is forced to revoke her “Pasisikatin Kita Hija Foundation” membership card. Devastated, Trisha throws herself into her music but feels something missing from her career. Still she persists. One night, she finds herself staring longingly into the eyes of a handsome stranger; smitten by his first words, “Ako si Poy”.

You’re Welcome, Star Cinema, I accept both cash and checks.

Pop Reactions: On One More Chance 2 Rumors

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