The Usual Suspects: 11 Types of People You’ll Get To Watch Inside PBB House

Icons made by Freepik via Flaticon
Icons made by Freepik via Flaticon

If you’ve watched the Pop Philtre-approved faux-reality tv show, UnREAL, you’d be familiar with the idea of casting reality TV show contestants into certain types. Types like the bitch, the wifey-material, the desperate housewife and the sassy black woman are staples in UnREAL’s show within a show, “Everlasting”. Here’s a clip of Executive Producer Quinn with a rough go-through of the basics:

Well, this got me thinking…what could be the possible types of contestants in PBB? I’m pretty sure patterns can be identified after running for 10 years, 12 seasons and 230+ housemates living in the house.

So after going through the meaty PBB wikipedia pages and a few youtube videos of the past, I’ve noticed 11 types of housemates. Each type may not necessarily be present in each season. Some are a bit broad, while some are oddly specific. Some are based on a housemate’s profile (e.g. looks, ethnicity, economic class) while others maybe based on their personality (e.g. temperament).

(Do note that these types are all based on my observations and do not necessarily mean that PBB management, intentionally includes these types in each batch.)


  • BACKGROUND: Due to unfortunate financial circumstances,they are forced to work at an early age. In PBB teen editions, these housemates would juggle their studies with their work (e.g. Aldred and Jimboy). They joined PBB as a way to help their family,
  • INSIDE THE HOUSE: They generally seem relaxed inside the House, after having the weight of the world relieved from their shoulders. Some are headstrong that they clash with other housemates (e.g. Patria, Cess, and Karen). While a few younger youngsters even feel like kids inside the house, enjoying some luxuries that they have not experienced (e.g. Ejay, Biggel and Krizia)
  • CHANCES OF WINNING: Some have been fan favorites because of their modest and relatable backstories. Hustling youngsters fare better in Teen Editions, often being part of their season’s Big Four (e.g. Ejay, Devon, Roy, Karen, and Jimboy)


  • BACKGROUND: Opposite of the Hustling Youngsters, are the Privileged. These housemates come from well-to-do families. Their motivations in joining PBB are more towards self-improvement like trying to be independent (e.g. Yen, Fretzie, Jacob) or stepping out of the shadows of their known families (e.g. Bodie (Cruz), Tin (Patrimonio), Bam (Romana), Potz (Jalosjos) and Nichole (Baranda)). It seems like a weird choice to look for independence and self-discovery while locked inside a house in the public’s eye 24/7.
  • INSIDE THE HOUSE: As housemates, The Privileged are generally okay in maintaining their relationships with their fellow housemates. One common complaint though to some Privileged iss that they don’t carry their weight when it comes to house chores.
  • CHANCES OF WINNING: The Privileged have varied lifespans inside the house, Some fell out in the early stages, some went on to be part of the Big 4. It depends if they were able to stand out enough in the house and gather a fanbase.


  • BACKGROUND: Half-Pinoys have been a staple since season one. But their representation in each batch has grown more and more. The current season of regular housemates feature five half-pinoys (Charlhone, Dawn, Jyo, Margo and Philip). Identity is supposedly a crucial motivator of half-pinoys in entering the PBB house. Although the dimension of identity changes depending on whether they grew here in the Philippines or in other countries.
    • LOCAL HALF-PINOYS: Local half-pinoys are often left by their foreign biological parent. And they felt joining the PBB house will help them find their missing parent. This is usually incorporated in their tasks inside the house (remember when Gerald Anderson helped out Matt Evans to look for his dad?)
    • FOREIGN HALF-PINOYS: Having to grow up in a foreign country, half-pinoys are curious to connect with their Filipino roots. More often this is also incorporated as a task wherein they need to learn the Filipino language (e.g. This season’s Ylona, Bailey and Miho) or do something that is traditionally Filipino.
  • INSIDE THE HOUSE: Local Half-Pinoys usually don’t have a hard time gelling with the other housemates. However, Foreign Half-Pinoys often find difficulties in communicating or unaware of Filipino customs like helping around the house or asking a girl if she’s still a virgin.
  • CHANCES OF WINNING: Surprisingly, half-pinoys stay long in the house, often getting evicted mid or late in the season. I guess good looks really helps in garnering a fan base.


  • BACKGROUND: These are the hopefuls that get in the house because of their good-looks. Some even have it in the monikers they’re given (e.g. “Sensual Siren” Jaz Manabat, “Baker Bombshell” Dawn Chang and “Dancing Bombshell” Aina Solano). Some are often models or beauty pageant contestants. Motivations differ per housemate.
  • INSIDE THE HOUSE: Due to their looks, they’re often involved in a love team inside the house (e.g. Wendy-Bruce, Cathy-Hermes-Carol, Kim-Mark, Valerie-Ejay)
  • CHANCES OF WINNING: Very few Eye Candies are able to reach Big 4 status namely, Cass, Wendy, Ivan, Daniel and Riza. More often they get cut in the middle of the season.  .


  • BACKGROUND: For some reason, PBB also likes to get single moms. Almost all regular editions (Jenny, Mariel, Erica) and two teen editions (Jamilla, Kamille) feature single and pretty moms. They’re main motivation in joining PBB is to give their kids a better future.
  • INSIDE THE HOUSE: They often take up the role of moms inside the house and are pretty much active in household chores. They’re often vocal with their other housemates on how they miss their kids so much.
  • CHANCES OF WINNING: Hot Moms tend to fade early in the game, a few have voluntarily left the house because they couldn’t take to be away from their kids for so long. Some often get nominated for eviction because their fellow housemates know how much they miss their kids.


  • DESCRIPTION: I’m not sure why but almost all seasons would have an Outspoken Pretty Female. This type of housemate is vocal about their opinions and are often confrontational which often lead to scuffles with other housemates. Examples of the OPF are Cass, Wendy Valdez, Wendy Tabusalla, Princess, Beauty, Shay, Karen Reyes, Aina and Dawn.
  • BACKGROUND: Most of the women have experienced adversity early in their lives that forced them to be tougher. Cass and Wendy Valdez came from not so well-off families so they had to work hard to earn some comfort. Wendy Tabusalla was bullied as a kid for being different while growing up in Indonesia. Aina decided to move to the Philippines alone and had to learn to adjust to the Filipino culture.
  • CHANCES OF WINNING: Most OPFs get cut early to middle of the season because of their confrontational nature.


  • DESCRIPTION: This is not as evident as the other types but most seasons would also include chinitos and chinitas. In more recent seasons, more chinitos have entered the house (e.g. Alec, Manolo, Richard). They seem to be relatively easy to get along with inside the house.
  • CHANCES OF WINNING: CCs in early seasons were successful in winning PBB with Kim Chiu and Bea Saw becoming Big Winners. However, Cutie Chinitos of late, though fan favorites, had a hard time breaking into the Big 4.


  • DESCRIPTION: Naturally they’re seen as the leaders in the household. They may sometimes come off as bossy or overly competitive, but it’s just really part of leading a team.
  • BACKGROUND: Authority figures usually have some background in some form of military training (Nene, Fred) or sports (Donald, Patrick Sugui, Daniel, Michelle, Luz).
  • CHANCES OF WINNING: More often than not, Authority Figures stay in the house for a while, although rarely do they become the Big Winner. They stay long because they’re liked by their housemates but at the end could not rake enough support from viewers.


  • DESCRIPTION: If Authority Figures are the fathers inside the house, Nurturers are the mothers. They’re usually considered as the friend of everybody. Other housemates see them as moral compasses inside the house (e.g. Robi, Rona, Jayme, Bea Saw).
  • CHANCES OF WINNING: Having a harmonious relationship with their fellow housemates, Nurturers rarely get nominated for eviction. Most get into the Big 4 or some get evicted late in the season.


  • DESCRIPTION: Comedians bring life to the house. Their antics provide laughs for housemates and viewers alike.
  • CHANCES OF WINNING: Comedians are a mixed bag. Their survival depends on their type of humor. Agressive or gross humor is often met with eviction like Franzen and Lordwin. On the other hand, family-friendly or “kwela” kind of humor, of the likes of Jayson, Pamu, Keanna and Melai stayed and became part of their respective seasons’ Big 4.


  • DESCRIPTION: PBB also has a penchant of adding a japanese guy out of left-field. Having a relatively big Filipino contingent, it’s no surprise Japan is one of the international stops of PBB auditions. They had Jeremy Hidano in the second season of the regular edition who sported a hairdo reminiscent of 80s japanese anime. In PBB Unlimited, they’ve included Seiichi Ushimi, a japanese guy who had the looks and the sense of humor of japanese ABS-CBN talent, Yachang.This current season, they have Jyo Yokoyama, a humorous and easy-going japanese guy.
  • CHANCES OF WINNING: So far, very slim. Jeremy was evicted early while Seiichi left late in his season. Let’s see with Jyo if he stays long in this season.

Have you noticed other types? Let me know in the comments!

The Usual Suspects: 11 Types of People You’ll Get To Watch Inside PBB House

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