#GalawangLloydie: The JLC Playbook

Galawang Lloydie

Romantic gestures come in different forms and sizes that it’s difficult sometimes to tell if a gesture is indeed romantic. If you want to learn something, why not learn from the best? And John Lloyd Cruz is one of the best. So we re-watched the master’s films to figure out one or two things from his playbook.

Romantic Gestures Grand

The Types of JLC Gestures:

Sentimental Gestures

  • These are gestures that try to invoke some kind of melancholy in his female lead
  • Usually one-on-one plays that adds to the idea that it’s a memory only shared by JLC and his female lead
  • i.e. His “eyes-to-eyes, heart-to-heart” gesture with Angel Locsin, fireworks and ice skating with Sarah Geronimo, Bea Alonzo’s face as his office desktop wallpaper, etc.

Practical Gestures

  • Of course, JLC cares so much for his leads that he makes sure that their physiological and security needs are covered.
  • Basic everyday gestures that he feels that can add to his overall appeal
  • i.e. bringing coffee, skinning a fried chicken, drive you to Tuguegarao etc.

Absurd Gestures

  • JLC likes to mix it up a bit to ensure that the relationship doesn’t run out of any excitement
  • Involves some form of deviant behavior (i.e. comparing your date to shit, singing in public, attempting to kiss your assistant while she’s sleeping, etc.)

What we can learn from JLC:

  • Match your romantic gesture to your partner’s personality: Notice how his gestures are more practical with Angel, more absurd with Sarah and Toni and more sentimental-practical with Bea. Get to know your partner first to get the most out of your romantic gesture.
  • Grand Gestures aren’t everything: having a good mix of gestures in your playbook gives off an aura of unpredictability  
#GalawangLloydie: The JLC Playbook

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