OTWOL: How Simon-Leah Makes Sense and Doesn’t Make Sense At The Same Time


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(Edit: I added my thoughts on the possible direction OTWOL will take based on the previews they’ve teased during last night’s episode [episode 120])


With the introduction of Paulo Avelino as Sir Simon aka “Mr. Hitler” on On The Wings Of Love, it seems that the writers are setting-up a possible third-party to go in-between the already solid relationship of Clark and Leah. And they have not been subtle with this idea, giving hints in episodes that Simon will eventually form some kind of affection towards Leah. With the proliferation and oversaturation of kabitseryes not so long ago, some people are understandably not chill with this idea. At a character standpoint, is it inevitable that Leah will also develop feelings for Simon? Let’s try to figure this out by examining her current men, Jigs and Clark. Similarities between the two may point out what Leah looks for in her man that could help in understanding her set-up with Simon. But before that, let’s establish first what we know about Leah.


So we know that she’s determined and family-oriented. She went out of her way to pursue a visa and work in the United States just so she can send money to her family.  We also know that she’s generally a warm and caring person to everyone, hence she’s well-loved at Tenement 1.

When she arrived back in the Philippines and got a job as a copywriter, we saw that she’s also career-driven, willing to pour in the hours and tolerate Simon’s strictness to create the best ideas for her firm.



So how do these traits affect her type? Let’s see how Jigs and Clark stack-up:

Leah's Guys JIGS and CLARK table
Table 1.1

We can see some similarities between Jigs and Clark:

  • She likes her men physically fit. Like six-pack abs fit.
  • It seems that she prefers men who had a difficult childhood. Men, who to some extent, didn’t experience the same warmth and love she received from Tatang Sol. Like she wants to make-up for that lost love via her warm personality. Surprisingly, Jigs and Clark react positively to Leah’s warmth. It probably compensates for the lack of affection from a mother figure they experienced as kids.
  • She somehow gravitates to men who’re emotionally distant or cold. I guess she finds it a challenge to find a way to get through to these guys.
  • Most importantly, she’s attracted to men who share her dreams. While they were still together, Jigs and Leah both dreamed of going to America. With Clark now, they both dream of being successful in their own endeavors; Clark as a furniture-making dude, while her as a copywriter.

So let’s add Simon to the picture. Let’s see if these things still ring true:

Leah's Guys SIMON table
Table 1.2
  • Physically fit? CHECK!
  • Didn’t have a warm childhood? CHECK!
  • Emotionally-distant? Called Mr. Hitler? OF COURSE CHECK!
  • Has the same dreams? HELL YEAH CHECK. He’s at the top of his game right now. He has successfully lifted himself from the streets of Cebu to the board rooms of Makati. It seemed obvious that Leah would gravitate towards him because she can learn a thing or two in achieving her copywriter dreams (she literally said this on episode 119). Papunta pa lang si Leah, pabalik na si Simon.

In general, it seems that Leah’s new man is always more successful than the last. Clark’s more successful than Jigs while Simon’s more successful than Clark. And it’s funny how the last man can always sense that Leah’s unconsciously crushing on a new guy. I’d guess that Jigs was insecure of Clark because Clark was a better version of Jigs.  Clark already lived and worked in America plus he got to spend time with Tita Jack, Jigs’s mom. Clark’s currently insecure of Simon, because Simon’s a better version Clark. Clark feels he could also have been like Simon if his parents didn’t leave him and had the same educational opportunities as Simon had. He knows if he had the same opportunities and upbringing, he and Leah could have been better fit.

So yes, at a character level, it makes sense that Leah will develop feelings for Simon. It’s not just some absurd ploy by the writers to introduce a third-party to extend the story. If Thursday’s preview was any indication, Leah just realized that she might have more than just professional admiration towards Simon.

(Does this make Leah tanga or kereng-keng? Not really. This makes her character more believable and human. It’s normal for you to admire someone other than your partner. It’s harmless unless you reciprocate.)



Even though this is the very first piece I’ve written about OTWOL, I’ve admired the show’s writers’ room for a long time. They have been more progressive in handling OTWOL’s story compared to its contemporaries. I won’t drop names, gerahin pa ako. But here’s a list of things that they’ve done better than other teleseryes:

  1. Has multiple plots (i.e. A plot: Clark and Leah, B plot: Leah and family, C plot:Tiffany and Tolayts, etc.)
  2. A diverse cast of characters that fleshed out the show’s universe
  3. A good mix of drama and comedy, or a good sense when to lighten or intensify the mood
  4. A neatly developed love story (hindi love at first sight)
  5. Yes it’s marketed as a love story, but it’s basically a show about the Olivar family
  6. Good portrayal of a healthy relationship (I’ve mentioned in our podcast that Clark and Leah are the #relationshipgoals couple and not Popoy and Basha)
  7. Has a spoken word artist recite poetry regularly in mainstream television

Now after establishing these points, I find it hard to believe that they’ll anchor the current Clark and Leah story arc to a third-party issue.It just doesn’t fit this progressive direction OTWOL has in storytelling; especially when they had already used it to develop the Clark and Leah pairing at the start of the series. Do remember that Clark was the third-party between Leah and Jigs. Moreover, the show has already explored the possible effects and fallout from this kind of set-up (remember that episode when Jigs cried?). What else do we need to explore?

Yes, I know that in the end it will still be Clark and Leah. However, if they’re planning to break-off their most awaited church wedding just because ABS-CBN asked for more episodes and Paulo Avelino needed a new project, then they’re betraying the story and series that they’ve presented and developed. And at a story level, breaking-off the wedding because of an unwanted guest betrays the growth that Clark and Leah’s relationship has already gone through.

I don’t know who suggested this detour in storytelling but an intensified Simon-Leah pairing could possibly be detrimental to the brand and to the caliber of storytelling they’ve already reached.



The writers don’t need to break-off the wedding if the point of introducing Simon is to prove that Clark and Leah’s love will prevail forever and ever. I know I’m not in the position to suggest what the writers should do, but I’m just a concerned fan as any. So here’s a possible story flow:

  • Simon will make moves on Leah. That beso on Leah’s birthday is one.
  • Deadma si Leah. She knows that her relationship with Clark weighs more than whatever admiration she has for Simon.
  • Clark will take notice of Simon’s moves, would feel insecure and confronts Leah
  • Leah will assure Clark that she only admires Simon because of his success. Simon may be successful but Clark is far warmer and family-oriented than Simon—you know the traits of the perfect hubby.
  • No big fight whatsoever.



No. I know it adds nostalgia because they’re going back to where they first met and an additional layer of romanticism because of the “pagkahaba-haba man ng prusisyon, sa simbahan pa rin ang tuloy” saying. But my question here is, at a story and character standpoint, DO CLARK AND LEAH NEED TO BREAK UP? I don’t know how it has come to this. Is it because of pressure from the execs to extended the story? I’ve already expressed my reverence to the writers in this piece, that I cannot believe that this is the ending they wanted. It just doesn’t make sense. TANAW NA NATIN YUNG SIMBAHAN, BAKIT KAILANGANG LUMIKO PA?

We don’t know the reason why they’ll break-up but here are possible guesses and my arguments why each guess doesn’t hold up.

  • “Tanga si Leah kasi pipiliin niya si Simon pero iiwanan rin siya sa huli”: I’ve already stated my case that it goes against the storytelling and the quality of OTWOL’s writing.
  • “Pipiliin ni Leah ang career niya kaysa kay Clark”: Why do we need to tackle this theme? A woman needs to decide whether or not to pursue her career or to pursue the man she loves? Why must Leah choose between career and love?  Clark’s fine balancing his budding furniture business and his relationship with Leah, but Leah can’t? That’s unfair to Leah’s character.
    • And if they do want to discuss this theme, they could use Simon to explain to Leah the loneliness of choosing career over love. Simon may be successful but he sure isn’t happy with the unconditional positive regard he doesn’t receives. No need for additional drama.
  • “Baka naman dream sequence lang”: I believe in the writers so much that I don’t think they’ll use a cheap tactic to play with the emotions of the audience.

FUN FACT: 120 episodes na ang OTWOL as of Jan 22. If you watched all episodes, you’ve spent 60hrs watching the series. With that much time invested as a viewer watching Clark and Leah form their relationship, do you still want them to have that break-up?



OTWOL: How Simon-Leah Makes Sense and Doesn’t Make Sense At The Same Time

57 thoughts on “OTWOL: How Simon-Leah Makes Sense and Doesn’t Make Sense At The Same Time

    1. Lei says:

      Guys, do keep mind, from the very beginning tumatak na sa otwolistas. Pag mahal ka, babalikan ka. These are just obstacles. I for one believe na true love will endure the tests.. hurdles and what not. I believe Leah will stay loyal. And Clark as well. Ipapakita lang siguro nila how big of a love Leah and Clark has for each other… na even after all those years.. walang nagbago. They still long for each other. Hands down to the OTWOL team for giving us such a great love story.


    2. Gemma S. Militante says:

      Hindi na kailangan pahabain ang role ni Simon…infact he destroyed the story…marami ang nasaktan..marami ang nagalit …bakit sisirain ang isang love story na abot na ang MINIMITHI ( ang KASAL ) so many problems sa pagmamahal ni Clark at Leah…wala na bang katapusan na PROBLEMA para lang di matuloy o i postpone ang KASAL…at sinira ang napaka GANDANG STORYA na nagpapaSAYA at nakakaGAMOT sa aming mga Senior Citizen….nawala ang KINANG ng OTWOL dahil kay Simon…sorry Paolo you cannot help this teleserye sa RATINGS


  1. Yes na yes po sa point mo that it’s against the storytelling and the quality of OTWOL AND Leah’s character if she will break up with Clark to be with Simon. I think and i hope they won’t do that. I think it’s possible that Leah will have to choose between career and love, although again, you’re correct na that’s unfair to Leah’s character. Maybe Leah needs to go abroad if ever na ma promote sya, which could be a reason for their break up, and I would totally understand Clark if he’ll get mad that the wedding will have to be postponed. But then,diba, Leah already got the job, I think kahit kailangan nyang mag abroad para sa trabaho, the wedding doesn’t need to be postponed. they can always find a way to make the date work kung talagang gusto ni Leah. I’d rather have the career issue, though…kesa third party. like what you said, it doesn’t add up. That’s the reason why OTWOL worked, fresh yung plots and twists. If Leah will be romantically attached to Simon, mawawalan ng sense yung pagkaka built up ng character ni Leah, she’ll be like Nanang. I don’t think that would work.

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  2. justforjadine says:

    your right about that.. you can see it in the ratings bumababa kc parang nalalaman na ng viewers ano papel ni simon at it makes it boring kc marami ng nagawa na movies or teleserye regarding third parties, hindi ka pa ba mauumay dun, saka mawawala ang originality ng otwol kung magkagayun. just a fan also here.

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  3. Violet Stevens says:

    The OTWOL series is fun loving story which are loved by the viewer all over the world but abruptly becoming a detrimental story. The writer should not promote infidelity, betrayal and emotional stress.

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  4. keren says:

    This is well thought of. Kudos to the writer. I would agree on so many points. Good analysis and the author is a certified otwolista which really makes it happier for me to share my own thoughts on what else could possibly happen in the remaining episodes of our beloved OTWOL. So here it goes. It is just so heart warming that every now and then, there would be movies, stories or songs which seemed to be in sync on what we have in real life. Like it speaks and relates to us like it is our own story. And as the story unfolds its last bend in OTWOL, I could say that I know, or maybe have been, in Leah’s place and I may somehow know exactly what she feels. With gut feel, I personally think that Leah and Clark’s story will stall a rollercoaster ride for all avid fans. I think that Simon is indeed a character which may confuse Leah, but I am not so certain that Leah will eventually fall in love with him. As how I see and feel about it, there will be points of doubt between Leah and Clark and this will shaken the relationship. It may lead to Leah grabbing a career opportunity in Sanfo with Simon where we might see Leah leaving the country and Clark and halting the much expected wedding (which will definitely break each and everybody’s heart). Leah will choose her career over Clark. And Clark will be left devastated. Turn of events, Clark eventually goes back to Sanfo to take time to heal, still keeping Leah in his heart. As career may blossom for Leah, she might soon realize what Simon didn’t materialize in his mind caused by losing his love of his life, that however succesful one may be, it is still love that makes it all worth it. And that she still loves Clark, even though she knew that she’s hurt him that much by choosing her career (and Simon, professionally). Many will say that it is a stupid thing to do for Leah, but I think otherwise. This is a necessary thing to happen to Leah and Clark because her character needed to realize what she had with Clark. Frankly speaking, Clark already is a perfect partner but Leah is still focused on her career, which doesn’t prioritize her love for Clark. She needs to understand this with herself alone, away from Clark for a moment. She will need to hone her love for her family (in the hopes that nanang and family issues will come to an end), her love for her career (which she will develop with the help of Simon), and her love for Clark by (again) leaving him despites all of Clark’s best efforts. She will need to do all of these alone. When she realized much already, she will come back to her senses and will know already what to do. She will need to make the most out of herself. Selfish as it may sound, but she needs to love herself more. Alone. The concept of self love. The concept that you’d only be able to love another human being if love won’t overflow from yourself. Career, family, Clark. Pansin nyo, hndi pa full love priority si Leah? It has to mature in her character and that will only happen when Leah chooses to walk a separate path away from Clark. This is so relatable to me coz this is what happened to me and my guy. So I understand where Leah’s coming from. She will leave Clark, but she will eventually find her way back to Clark. I have so many hopes in their lovestory. And by wishful thinking, I would love to see them undergo what needs to be undergone for them to really fly on the wings of love. And yes, they will eventually have a very happy ending. So we will all cry happy tears for Leah and Clark as they kiss their vows. Much as many of us would wish OTWOL to not come to its end, I believe that OTWOL has made such remarkable story that swooned all of our hearts. I’ve never liked any teleserye as much as I liked OTWOL. And I’ve never seen fangirling this hard for its lead stars. But I know what I like and I am sure that I am not alone. Caps off, otwolistas!

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  5. Margarita Sta.Maria says:

    Im an OTWOLista’s and while watching OTWOL daily walang mintis what we are looking forward is the wedding day, however upon watching the teaser from SanFo scenes we are also starting to guess what would happen next, Leah leaves Clark since she will choose her career but Clark is very supportive to Leah’s career, Leah will postpone the wedding? But on the past episodes she is so excited for the wedding, she will choose Simon? But she always assure that he loves Clark vey much. An amnessia for Clark or Leah at SanFo no way because Direc Antonette does not like it, well lets wait and trust the writer and director for sure there is a twist and a HAPPY ENDING for CLEAH!

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  6. Weng Rosagaron says:

    everything you said here really make sense. it terms of character and the story they’ve built, it doesn’t make sense why there should be a break up considering all the sacrifices and challenges they went through together. i truly hope the writers and directors won’t succumb to the usual “3rd party” story coz that would really mean defeating what OTWOL has creatively done in presenting this teleserye early on. this is what set them apart from the others and i’m hoping they will sustain that uniqueness. the declining rating should even be a testament that the viewers are smart, they can see the changes and they too can feel that OTWOL is losing its unique direction. i feel bad as well, but just like what you said, i’ve invested too many hours watching this teleserye everyday. i’m not backing down now. i’ll hang on til the end whether there’s a happy ending or not. kudos to the writer! #ThoughtsFromAJadineFan 😆

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  7. This one’s so good and well written.. Kudos to the love. 🙂

    At first medyo disappointed din ako sa mga nababasa ko na speculations on what’s on the preview for SF scenes.

    Well, here’s my take on that. I believe and will hold on to what Direk Tonet said na ibibigay niya ang happy ending sa Cleah, ’cause, come on, they deserve that. So I will go for the dream sequence. Or in my personal opinion, the reason they’re in SF is because of Leah’s job.

    I wanna be positive and say no no to break up. I think they’re there for a campaign, and they used the love story of Clark and Leah as their concept. And Clark being super supportive, he will join Leah and Simon for the campaign, then sila na din ang gaganap.

    How’s that? 🙂 positive lang all the way.. 🙂

    I just don’t see Clark giving up on Leah and vise versa (I mean after all this time?? ngayon pa ba??). They’ve come a long way na no. I don’t think anyone will let it go to waste. 🙂


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      1. I actually typed “Kudos to you love”. 🙂 bakit naging “the” yan.. hahaha..

        Anyhoooo.. You did a great analysis.. I was actually reading this during our lunch break and my officemates were saying, “oi, kain muna..” But hey, I need to read to the end.. as in agad agad..

        Anyways, you’re right. ‘Patience is a virtue’ na ata ang motto ng OTWOL team.. hahaha.. There are times na dragging na siya, but it’s still the show that excites me and makes my night.. kahit ang sakit sakit na.. fingers crossed walang hiwalayang magaganap.. 🙂

        Again, this analysis is a super good read. 🙂 Thank you!


      2. Rose says:

        This is for the writer. It doesn’t make sense in that scene where they go back to San FO. Leah have already stayed abroad for 2 years straight. She have more extensive absences from the U.S., not unless she preserve her LPR status and eligibility for naturalization. I understand Clark swear in for his citizenship but still if Leah is only a green card holder and she has not been in U.S. Soil for more than a year then Clark has to petition her again to go back to U.S. How will they’re going to do that, be a lovey dovey and say we’re going to fix your documents and go back to San Fo and get a divorce. It doesn’t make sense. Of course I will see the ending. Impressive….


  8. In reality, it happens. No matter how solid your relationship is (as you think), there will always be challenges along the way. Ang pinakamahirap na challenge sa isang relationship is not the so called “third partiy” but a person’s battle with himself. There will come a point in ur life when u just realize na you need to do something; achieve something in life. Maybe that is what’s gonna be the last conflict of the story. Mas acceptable yon most especially kung maggng mutual ung decision to break up. Or kung until the end sobra sobra pa rin ang understanding ni Clark and he’ll decide to let go of Leah and just let her achieve her dreams. Talking bout the ending, i think mas tasteful para saken ung pagkikita nila sa SanFo wherein they are both matured at mas kilala na ang mga sarili nila. I can remember, they fell in love when they were at the lowest point of their lives. Mas justified for me kung mabubuo nila ang sarili nila and then saka ulit sila magkikita. 🙂 Ang haba ng comment ko. hahaha. My apologies. 🙂 Napasarap lang sa pagttype. Hehe.

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    1. Nice insights! Yes, I agree that a third-party issue isn’t the biggest problem, that’s why it really doesn’t make sense that they’ll have it as the final test for Clark and Leah. 🙂


  9. Kudos to the writer for a review filled with insights. Just came across this article that I cannot help but post my comment. I would not go for a break up but perhaps a brief separation for both Clark and Leah to realize what they need to do, what they need to realize about themselves and what they feel for each other. Simon’s entry into their lives indeed will shake up their lives and love for each other. How would they know the strength of their love and commitment if it wouldn’t be tested? Like any other fan, I was looking forward to that church wedding but we just need to trust the Otwol writers that they know what they are doing. There have been high and low points throughout but what teleserye does not? Fact is people are talking about the story, they are speculating how the story will go, and they feel a hodge podge of emotions, For a while I was thinking of dropping it when some episodes became dragging and the focus went kaput! But then, come to think of it, let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the characters. If I developed a love it-hate it attitude for the characters and to the episodes, then, the writers have succeeded. I was hooked. I don’t think they would disappoint the otwolistas who have poured countless of hours, who have spent their emotions and who would like to have a happy ending after all… for Cleah. They deserve it , we deserve it! I am just glad that I have the best experience in following this teleserye. And I have never been into teleserye nor love teams! But this show…this show has me riveted from the start . Thank you! I wonder what I’m going to do when the show ends?

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. We try as much as possible to provide insights to the perceived crass world of Philippine Pop Culture.:) Yes, we got to give it to the writers. They were able to elicit a whole spectrum of emotions from the viewers without being overly melodramatic like the mexican telenovelas of yesteryear.


  10. marajanine says:

    i think mapipilitan lang din si leah umalis because of her father condition…she needed for money for it..

    peo dapat wlang hiwalayan naganap…d dAPT..AFTER NG LAHAT NG SACRIFICE NI clark parang binalewla nya l;hat..lahat ng effort at pagmamahal..masasayang…basta dapat wlang nangyaring hiwlayan nakakinis

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  11. I do have a different take with regards to how the story is right now… did u notice how different the characters are in sanfo? matured version of leah and clark… what if… just what if… the leah and clark we’re watching right now is different from the ones shown in sanfo teaser… come to think of it leah is a copywriter.. and did u notice how the story began with leah narrating what the story is about? It’s possible though that leah wrote a book with her lovestory in it… but half of it didn’t actually happen.. it’s just what ifs? what if clark followed her in the philippines? but the truth is when she left him in the airport, that’s where their story ended. and then she went to sanfo for a job or to chase clark back? and then they met and that’s explains the teaser.. because honestly it doesn’t make sense if they would break up… it doesn’t suit their characters especially clark. afterall, it’s direk tonet jadaone’s work… she’s known for this kind of set up.. 😐

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    1. That’s an interesting take Christine. Direk Tonet does have a penchant of having writers as female protagonists (i.e. Mace in That Thing Called Tadhana and Mia in Walang Forever)


  12. Helen says:

    I think they need to show that Clark is not perfect after all. Let us see the human side of Clark. after
    all the sacrifices he did, he will realize that everything has its limit. I want to see how he gets mad, and gives ultimatum to Leah.Leah needs to wake up. I can see that the writers want to show the Trust Vs Mistrust idea injected in this plot,that’s where Simon comes in to provide conflict. I believe they need time and space apart from each other to test their love. It’s a roller coaster ride but please a happy ending culminates in a wedding please pretty please. Congrats to all Otwolistas hanging in there.
    Kudos to OTWOL writers , actors and to Dreamscape for giving us rollercoaster emotions, we are enjoying our ride. I don’t really watch a lot of Pinoy teleserye here abroad but this one got me hooked plus i like Jadine team a lot.

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  13. GA Luna De V says:

    good review and analysis. i am really amazed at how OTWOL created so many different reactions from so many people from all walks of life. i for one am not really a teleserye fanatic but i was hooked on this one. and every episode left me thinking of how the next one will be. in my own opinion, the blogger who wrote this made good points at all angles of the show. just keeping my fingers crossed that for OTWOL to achieve the “happy ending”, the good image of Leah as “dalagang Filipina with good upbringing and moral values deeply inculcated in her character” (thanks to Tatang Sol) will not be castrated.

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  14. Faith says:

    Thoroughly written but I take exception to one point. Simon is more successful than Clark? Is it just us Filipinos that measure success by how one heads an ad agency, earns more, gets to ride a BMW & wears all those stiff & immaculate office suits? Success is a relative word. And in this sense, I will have to disagree that Simon is more successful than Clark. If his definition has to have material backing, maybe, people will think that way. I am quite older & so I feel I should say that all those success standards are quite fleeting. How about discovering your best at what you do, finding out the simple pleasures that truly make you happy & living through painful & sad childhood experiences & yet becoming a man of sound judgement, one with infinite patience & able to love fully? If this is the measure of success that Simon will have to stand up to, then he has failed to be successful. This is exactly why people all over the world have campaigned to change the definition of success in dictionaries. We need to reorient ourselves & stop equating all material things with success. It’s so easy to overlook good character traits when pitted agains the glossy poster image of someone, and forget the sound moral lessons that could have been learned in the process.
    I have loved this teleserye, it used to be a therapy of some sort for me after the end of a stressful day. The characters seemed real & relatable. Until now. I don’t know if the pressure got to the creative team or they couldn’t sustain what was jus too wonderful. Or maybe they got too experimental with all these supposed twist & turns that it has somehow lost the freshness & distinction of being the ultimate teleserye any Filipino can be proud of, both locally & abroad. They’ve resorted to the usual third party scenarios you see in every PInoy teleserye & has overstretched it so far it’s broken some viewers, if you are to base it on their ratings these days. The creative team should remember that there is beauty in the simplicity of stories. They have added too much drama, then learn to consider your audience & their dramatic outburst too. They certainly can learn from those who patronize the end product. I just don’t understand how they have managed to slaughter Leah’s character like that. Maybe, she is the sacrificial lamb the team needed to get through it all. Sad & unfortunate.
    And yet I hope the creative team will prove me wrong. Maybe, they can pull through & salvage the many OTWOLista spirits they have crushed & maimed these past weeks. And I pray, like every Pinay mother, daughter, wife, sister & career woman, that Leah survives & remains the the strong & good person we know her to be from the beginning.


    1. Thank you so much for your inputs Faith! Maybe we should have been clearer about it. Oh I agree that success is subjective. I definitely agree that Simon and Clark are successful in their respective craft: Simon in advertising, Clark in furniture-making. But in this context, what we’re arguing here is that Simon is successful in terms of Leah’s definition of success, which is to be one of the best creative minds in the Philippines (so much so that Simon got an offer to work in Dubai! haha). It’s more of the self-actualization and recognition, the material gains are just subsequent to these. 🙂

      Leah’s been a great character because she reflects the millenial Filipina: warm, driven, independent and still family-oriented. It would be difficult if they change things. 🙂


  15. Irene Yangzon says:

    Otwolistas really are smart people, reading all the comments. It’s good to know that Philippine television was able to produce this kind of teleserye. Thank you for your insights my dear!

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  16. Rain says:

    Thank you for this! I’ve never missed an episode and I couldn’t agree more, the Simon-Leah arc may be detrimental to the story if they succumb to the typical third party storyline. I would think that there’s a high possibility Leah would prioritize her career (it was her dream that made her go to the US in the first place) over the wedding, but I don’t see her as the type who would let go of Clark. Remember how much she resisted him from the start, how often she prays for their forever, and how she and manang Tiffany vow to not be like nanang? In the end I think that her love for family would outweigh whatever success she sees in Simon. I’m leaning towards the theory that Simon will be a living example of the path Leah should NOT follow. She has a pure and innocent heart, up to this point we have never seen nor heard her give malice to what Simon is doing; so I’m guessing she’ll keep treating Simon as nothing more than a friend, even if it ever came to a point where he would admit his feelings. And, as her admission of her love for Clark took quite a while, her realization of the choices she made and should make may almost be as long a process. The otwol creatives may have been setting us up for that ride, lol, I trust them that much. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for reading! I agree that Leah turning down Simon’s offer of a better career may be a sign of Leah’s growth as a character. Letting go of her personal dream for her family’s dream.


  17. galing! natuwa po ako dito sa sinulat nyo… very well thought-out…
    nag-stop nalang ako mag-imagine ng mga possible na mangyayari sa story; hihintayin ko nalang na masurprise ako… i put my trust sa directors and writers who made this serye so enjoyable, so creative…not the usual story/plot that you would usually see sa mga pinoy seryes…
    hindi ako bibitiw sa panonood… altho nakakakaba talaga ang mga teasers, pero relax lang… i’ll leave it kay direk tonet and the writers…
    hoping and positive ako that OTWOL will have a well-deserved ending.


  18. Ang sarap basahin kasi ang galing mag-isip at ng pagkakasulat. *clap clap clap* 😀
    Lahat naman tayo dito gusto ng “happy ending” kaya yun ang pinaniniwalaan natin at gustong mangyari sa palabas.
    E baka nga mas pinili ni Leah ang Career over Love, dahil bakit nasabi ni Clark na “…kung mahal ka nya talaga, iiwan ka ba nya?” , marahil may malalim syang dahilan, baka inatake si Tatang Sol at kinailangan nya ng malaking pera, at dumating yang opportunity with Simon, so kahit ayaw ni Clark na paalisin sya, kinailangan nya dahil para sa pamilya.
    Hayyyyyy…diba nakaka praning lang mag-isip ng mag-isip ng mag-isip…

    Oh well malapit na namang magwakas ang OTWOL…
    Halos lahat na ng emosyon ibinuhos ko sa teleserye na ito, pero hindi pa rin ako nawawalan ng pag-asang magkakaron pa rin ito ng Happy Ending, may kasalan man o wala. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Thank goidness i gave been reading this for a long time i get 3hours of reading tthis you were all right they been in many challenge but they wont give up most ofly clark leah didnt see what clark realy feels at all they will break up in just because of simon


  20. Franckie says:

    To the crew of OTWOL…I’m a huge fan of OTWOL but what is happening in the story between Leah and Simon it isn’t make sense. Sorry to say this but OTWOL has lost the values of the story. It has light rom-com and now A LOVE TRIANGLE??? They are just prolong the story. It’s really disappointing!!!!


  21. TETAY says:

    I love how you drill down on each character’s personality, past experiences and motivation to deeply understand their current behavior and where they are coming from.

    Pero, bakit mukhang pagod parin si Manang Tiffany? Char.


  22. Brad Pete says:

    Leah is now doing what her mom did- she is leaving loved ones for ambition! With her talent in advertising, she can go get another job & also give Clark the moral support to boost his furniture business. She obviously like Simon, too. Look at the trend, she goes for a better man always.. Just saying. BUT.. for wjhatever flow of the story it will go, ok lang- teleserye lang ito. I like the characters in this teleserye. You like to watch them aover & over.


  23. Having a relationship (either Leah or Clark) with another person as a reason for unexpected ending of this loved teleserye would be disappointing. With the flow of the story it seems that leah’s dreams, ambitions is the reason of possible ending that I may not like pero ok lang. Basta, not third party.Simply because, wala nang pinag iba sa mga kwentong napapanood. Kaya nga sinubaybayan kasi iba. I’m still hoping that otwolistas will be happy with how Cleah /OTWOL ends.because we deserve to be happy..


  24. rosana celino says:

    Oldies like me, patiently waiting for OTWOL everynight, are hurting because of the twist in the story. I am losing the interest to watch this story anylonger. Instead of de-stressing, I became more stressed, because of the pain I feel in my heart. I love to see Clark and Leah ending in each others arms despite all the drama and struggles they went through. Please give it a happy ending….please!


  25. Sorry Leah. Pero kung ganun ka ka selfish para iwan si Clark after all that he’s done for you para lang piliin ang tingin mong mas “BETTER” . Eh, you don’t deserve to be with Clark. A woman always has the right to choose career over love. But not to the extent of being Selfish. Sobrang PANGIT na ang tingin ko kay Leah dahil sa writers. Wala nang gana almost lahat nang otwolistang nanonood. and even if manood sila, it already took away the director’s promise of a “different” kind of serye. From the way things are going, it just seems cleche already. Extending it this way was just the wrong move. Admit it or not, I lost respect and am very disapointed for the way ABS-CBN makes fall promises to captivate audiences.


  26. Sinda says:

    Such a love story for Clark and leah. But leah has not matured yet. Young love, purely feelings and acceptance. She has the feelings for clark but has not given her commitment in the relationship. Similar to their real (james-nadine) relationship, it needs to grow. Still needs to prove something to herself, looking for satisfaction and ultimate happiness which she could not find in clark. That happiness is actually just within our heart which she could not see bec she is looking at it at a far. Poor clark, leah needs to leave in search for life’s meaning. Simon may be what she is looking for and Being with simon, she may develop loving feelings, which clark knew it may happen, thats why he tried to stop her. In the end, the story ends with leah finding her own happiness and choosing the man whom she wants to share the happiness she found. Happiness meaning peace, satisfaction and fulfillment. Its just a matter of whether clark is still willing to accept the new mature leah if leah has decided for him. And clark should be able to make an adjustment to the new leah. It will take maturity on the part of clark to accept leah and bring their love into a next higher level, loving feelings with acceptance and commitment. Just like tatang sol and nanang. As for simon, well, leah may have developed a loving and committed relationship already with him, so it is going to be them, then all of us otwolista are going to be sad. So what is it going to be, i mean the ending…..i also dont know, it will depend now on the feelings of clark and leah and how they would like their life to be- bec when we mature, we look life more differently, higher level, that comes with responsibilities and commitment. In the, we all enjoyed watching this teleserye. Nice work jadine and to the directors and staff. Hats off!


  27. Rose says:

    as a young woman just starting her career and entering the workforce, Leah is striving her balance between career and love to her husband and family.
    If she pick one, it would be career. It sucks, pero accept the fact na, matagal ng nangyayari ito sa mga kababayan nating mga OFW. They made sacrifices for their family. It would be different if she involved with her career where it becomes her 24 hour life, it is quite easy to not worry about relationships. Her career becomes her challenge, it is something she look forward to everyday, but she have Clark who love her so dearly. Do we think, Clark love to Leah is enough to do sacrifices and wait for her. “Common OTWOL writer”,De wala na sanang, mistress, the other woman, kerida, partner, naligaw ng bahay, ano pa bah!!!! For me, I would choose love. Leah, mahirap maghanap ngayong panahong Ito ng mamahalin ka ng sobra sobra at ganoon ka den sa kanya.


  28. seriously the story is beginning to affect my own emotions personally.. I don’t think Clark and Leah need to end up drifting apart after all the obstacles and hardship they had to endure.. it’s so unfair to Leah’s character I hope they end up together.


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