The Importance of the Clark-Leah Relationship To The OTWOL Universe

Clark and Leah Hypothesis
Screenshot from ABS-CBN

Yes, as viewers we all root for Clark and Leah because they’re the protagonists of the TV series. But have you ever thought why the other characters in the OTWOL universe care so much about their relationship? Like why do the tenement peeps help Leah and Clark out so much? Well there’s one detail I’ve noticed that may point out why:

Aside from Bebeng and her husband, Clark and Leah are the only couple that have a stable and live relationship.

Don’t believe me? Let’s go through the relationships of the other characters of the show:

OTWOL Relationships Table
Screenshot from ABS-CBN

And if we do some basic number crunching we get this:

OTWOL Relationship table breakdown
Table 1.2

We can see here that the OTWOL universe is far from having a world full of working romantic relationships. More than 80% of the relationships are either dead, broken or not even present. Maybe that’s why it’s hard for me to really consider On The Wings Of Love as your standard romantic teleserye, because aside from Clark and Leah, romance is pretty much absent in the show universe.


Show viewers want Clark and Leah to work because, because they’re the main couple and they’re played by a loveteam. Moreover, some would also want a reminder that love still exists. The same thing also applies to the characters of the show, in a universe full of broken and failed relationships, they also want to be reminded that love exists. 

Especially when you consider how Clark and Leah while growing-up, didn’t have role models on how to maintain a romantic relationship. Clark’s parents were absent or died. In Leah’s case, Tatang and Nanang were separated, as well as, Tiffany and Adrian. It’s amazing how they’re still pulling through.

This makes me understand why the people of tenement uno would go through great lengths in helping out the couple (and also Tiffany and Tolayts!). Clark and Leah aren’t just neighbors to them, Clark and Leah symbolize some form of hope to them and to the other characters.


I don’t know if this was intentional but this again supports why I praise OTWOL’s writers’ room so much. Good job!

The Importance of the Clark-Leah Relationship To The OTWOL Universe

6 thoughts on “The Importance of the Clark-Leah Relationship To The OTWOL Universe

  1. Daisyrey says:

    Lahat kasi ng characters makakarelate ka it really symbolizes our lives na Hindi ganon kadali trabahuin ang forever kailangan paghirapan to achieve it maraming trials and pains na haharapin


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