OTWOL: Ten Episodes To Prep Any OTWOL Newbie

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On The Wings Of Love is about to end in a week’s time. If you have any friends that want to get into the show before its finale, Nenz took note of the 10 (out of all 138 episodes) crucial episodes to put any OTWOL newbie up to speed.

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Note: We know that choosing only 10 from the current 138 episodes would be difficult, so we prioritized the episodes that will help newbies understand Clark and Leah’s story as well as their personalities and values. Again, this isn’t the BEST or MOST KILIG episodes of OTWOL. These episodes were chosen to help newbies follow the current story.

If you have any builds or comments, feel free to comment below!

#1 August 10, Arrival

  • Key Events: Leah’s US visa application is approved, while current boyfriend, Jigs, is denied.
  • Why this episode is important: Aside from being the first episode of the series, it gives us a background of the Olivar family, why Leah has this strong sense of family and why she dreams of working in San Francisco. The audience is also introduced to the show’s adage: kapag mahal ka, babalikan ka

#2 August 28, Hindi Pwede

  • Key Events: After much prodding, Clark finally opens up regarding his complicated relationship with his father.
  • Why this episode is important: It’s also equally important to know Clark’s story. This episode helps us understand Clark’s character and his difficult upbringing. Clark opening up about his childhood to Leah also signaled progress in their relationship; from business partners to friends.

#3 September 17, Most Approved Kiss

  • Key Events: Leah’s green card finally gets approved, while Jigs’s visa re-appeal is also approved.
  • Why this episode is important: Clark and Leah’s first kiss and a glimpse into the roller coaster relationship that they’ll experience after developing feelings for each other.

#4 October 1, Aminan Night

  • Key Events: With Tita Jack, and Jigs’ insistence, already asking for their divorce plans, Clark and Leah, with the help of Monette and Cullen, finally admit their love for each other. Also, Nanang’s husband dies. Moreover, the infamous Clark and Jigs topless showdown.
  • Why this episode is important: The episode establishes that they’re not just a couple on paper anymore. And the episode also sets up Nanang’s return to haunt Leah and the other Olivars.

#5 October 6, Fight For Love

  • Key Events: Leah decides to leave Clark and San Francisco to go home to the Philippines after meeting her supposedly dead mother.
  • Why this episode is important: This is a turning point in their relationship and the start of Clark’s pursuit of Leah’s affection. The episode also shows the lengths Leah will do to preserve her family.

#6 October 28, Hero

  • Key Events: Clark saves Bebeng from a fire at tenement uno
  • Why this episode is important: After going through Tatang’s gauntlet of challenges, Clark finally gets Tatang Sol’s approval. Also another proof that Clark will go through great lengths to prove he’s worthy of Leah’s love.

#7 November 10, Finally Yours

  • Key Events: Leah finally agrees to commit to Clark
  • Why this episode is important: Leah realizes that she can be more than her Nanang, that she doesn’t need to put aside her personal dreams for the welfare of her family.

#8 January 15, Moment Of Truth

  • Key Events: Tatang and Nanang finally meet again. And with Tatang’s weak heart to deal with, Clark offers the idea to postpone their Church wedding.
  • Why this episode is important: The episode wherein Leah starts to deprioritize her relationship with Clark to focus on her family’s needs…again.

#9 – 10 February 10 (The Breakup), February 11 (Heartbroken)

  • Key Events: Clark and Leah’s heated argument that led to their break-up.
  • Why this episode is important: These two episodes expose a dimension of Clark and Leah that they’ve tried to suppress for the longest time: Clark’s insecurity and Leah’s ambition.The decision of the writers to set aside two episodes to fully explore the two leads’ personalities just really makes good quality Filipino TV. Props to Nadine and James!
OTWOL: Ten Episodes To Prep Any OTWOL Newbie

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