Thoughts On…Always Be My Maybe

  • Generally, a steady romcom movie from Dan Villegas. Not as funny as English Only, Please nor was its tone as temperamental as Walang Forever but was still thoroughly entertaining. Three for three so far for Dan Villegas romcom films!
  • Finally a role that fits Arci Munoz! No more of that Pasion de Amor nonsense! She fits the bargas yet sensitive but also driven female leads of Dan Villegas. She’s possibly the closest we have right now to a real life Kakaibabe (di lang ako sigurado kung matatalo ka niya sa DotA).
  • Kind of glad to see Gerald Anderson in a relatively relax role.
  • Dan Villegas/Tonet Jadaone Stable Of Actors Spotting: Pepe Herrera (You’re My Boss, Walang Forever), Irma Adlawan (Beauty In A Bottle, Walang Forever), Quark Henares (English Only, Please, Walang Forever), Ysabel Yuzon (Walang Forever), Phi Palmos (OTWOL), Ricci Chan (You’re My Boss), Jane Oineza (Walang Forever), Vickie Rushton (The Break-up Playlist)
    • Bakit sa coffee shop tumatambay lagi si Ysabel Yuzon?
  • Sponsor Spotting: San Miguel (since Arci’s the current Ginebra girl I guess)
  • Jerald Napoles Award for Scene Stealing Performance in a Supporting or Guest Role: Cacai Bautista in her “nanginginig ang petchay” dialogue
    • Runner-up award goes to the effective silent acting of Quark Henares
  • Dan Villegas/Tonet Jadaone 80s – 90s Song Soundtrack: Halik by Aegis
  • The movie felt like it was shot within the last three months. It had a Pia Wurtzbach and a Be Like Bill reference in one scene. They were also watching Dolce Amore in one scene.
  • Shout out to the Nikki Valdez. Promoted na si ate from bestfriend ng bida to ate ng bida
  • Shout out to Emerzon Texon did wonderful work again with the music. He really understands the Mark Mothersbaugh school of ambient film music. (check out his soundcloud here)
  • Had a lot of boob jokes for a Filipino film
  • “Ang commitment kasama ang puso, utak, katawan. Pati yung patay mong kuko kasama.”
  • “Ang commitment hindi yan installment”
  • “I can’t even…I lost the capacity to even”
Thoughts On…Always Be My Maybe

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