Why Lola Nidora Is Secretly The Biggest AlDub Fangirl

Why Lola Nidora is secretly the biggest 2

No one had thought the love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) would reach this much media coverage. Last Saturday, they became the top trending topic worldwide, eclipsing Ryan Rems’s win in It’s Showtime’s Funny One segment. Heck, even the director, Mike Tuviera, is overwhelmed with how much support the love team is getting.

I understand how they can get a modest following. Yaya Dub is pretty, charismatic and obviously talented; being able to contort her face into Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” every 2 seconds. Alden Richards has the charm and the looks to be an impeccable male lead. But to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t think saying sweet nothings via lip syncing Thinking Out Loud, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us or God Gave Me You would be enough to reach this much exposure and to cause longer lines in Broadway Centrum. I feel the Eat Bulaga management knew they had something in their hands after the love team’s first on-screen flirtations (Alden and Yaya Dub, at the time of writing, have still not met in person). They just needed a catalyst to launch this accidental love team to new heights.

AlDub’s unlikely hype woman

You know that popular belief that diamonds are created from coal after being put under extreme pressure and heat? For AlDub, that extreme pressure and heat is Lola Nidora. Without her persistent meddling we wouldn’t have the kalye-serye. We’d all be stuck with 20min dubsmash tennis matches everyday.

In the last three weeks, Lola Nidora has crammed all the possible Filipino teleserye villain tropes to stop the lovebirds. She kidnapped Alden, asked for an outrageous amount for Yaya Dub’s hand, and even arranged Yaya Dub to be married to a rich man she doesn’t love. That’s already a full season’s worth of big events!

But what’s interesting here is Lola Nidora’s big evil schemes, made viewers root for AlDub more and more. Rather than get dissuaded, they hung on more. Made it into a more legit thing. It reached to a point that a fan even made a theme song for the couple. Lola got the receiving end of the Streisand Effect.

It's a cleanly-produced song. Parang Mr. Right ni Kim Chiu

AlDub fans, you better thank Lola Nidora for everything that the love team has achieved. Without her, there wouldn’t be anyone to make the love team interesting. Without her, viewers wouldn’t be introduced to Rogelio, Rogelio, Rogelio and Rogelio and to Frankie Arinoli. Without her, you wouldn’t love the characters behind the lip-syncing. And without her, no one could have pushed Alden to reach out of Broadway Centrum to meet Yaya Dub in person. Alas, Maine had to be rushed to the hospital after fainting in last Saturday’s episode. Lola Nidora has brought more positives than negatives to the couple that you’d think she’s actually an AlDub fan.

Why Lola Nidora Is Secretly The Biggest AlDub Fangirl