Thoughts On…Just The 3 Of Us

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Who doesn’t want a John Lloyd-Jennylyn led romcom? John Lloyd’s the patron saint of local romance films. Jennylyn’s on a tear after winning back-to-back Best Actress awards for romance film roles. And they also have Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina at the helm? You sure as hell know I’ll be up for that. That’s three of the best things the local romcom world has to offer!

Sadly, Just The 3 Of Us was…an okay movie. It wasn’t a bad movie nor was it a game-changing movie like One More Chance or English, Only Please; something you’d expect based on the names attached to the film. It basically followed the same ebb and flow of a romcom movie: a guy and girl who are at odds with each other are forced into some weird set-up and they fall in-love. It’s still a solid premise that people can get behind, but again I was expecting more from a project that has these much successful names included. Surely you’d understand that right?

But what really disappointed me with this film was how John Lloyd still fell into the usual characterization that he has been playing in romance films for the last 10 – 12 years! You see, last year, we wrote about the John Lloyd Hypothesis. On how, John Lloyd’s characters tend to be emotionally-dependent, manipulative and broken.  It’s a lengthy piece but goddammit it’s the best and in-depth profile we’ve written.

As a self-proclaimed Lloydie-ologist, I want John Lloyd to move on from that characterization. He won’t able to test the limits of his acting talent if he plays the same type of character in every single film. And he’s actually on a roll lately with A Second Chance, Honor Thy Father and Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis. And then Just The 3 Of Us comes out of nowhere and returns JLC back to his old romcom self. Let’s see how:

(SPOILER WARNING: I’ll be spoiling a lot of stuff from the film. Better watch the movie first before you proceed.)

JLC's Old Patterns

I guess I just root for John Lloyd so much that I don’t want to see him falling back to his old patterns. He’s just too talented of an actor to always play this kind of character.


  • Here’s another way to watch the film: it’s a story of how Philippine society mistreats and pressures pregnant women. She had to beg for support from the supposed father. Also had to lie to her family about her condition so not to disappoint them.
  • JLC had the weirdest and funniest O-face I’ve seen on local media. Imma need to gif that once the movie’s available
  • If John Lloyd’s a wrestler, he’d be the perfect heel
    • Who’s a more perfect heel than JLC? Baron Geisler! Didn’t expect Baron Geisler to be Jennylyn’s ex. They went for the batugan ex rather than the “better than current” ex. Of course they needed to look for a shittier ex because JLC already treats Jennylyn horribly
  • “Kahit magswimming ako sa alak ngayon, wala kang magagawa.”
  • Did JLC’s character fall for Jennylyn’s because she pampers JLC like a mom would do?
  • Shout out to Joel Torre and his white sando. He should get an endorsement deal for white sandos
  • Do paternity tests take six weeks? What is up with that
  • JLC and Jennylyn have chemistry when they banter. It’s just bad that a big chunk of the movie had them at odds with each other
  • Of course they were able to find a way to insert Biogesic and Magic Flakes endorsements in the film
  • The film could have at least been less formulaic if at one point Jennylyn strongly considered abortion. At least the focus of the film went back to the baby rather just being used as a plot device.
  • Another disappointing thing: apparently some people on youtube have mentioned how Just The 3 Of Us‘s premise was similar to a Korean TV series.


Just The 3 Of Us now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide

Thoughts On…Just The 3 Of Us

The Streamline Podcast: Episode 007 Star Wars and MMFF 2015

The gang’s back to discuss their thoughts on Star Wars and the films of MMFF 2015 namely Honor Thy Father, My Bebe Love, All You Need Is Pag-ibig and Walang Forever.

Episode flow points:

Star Wars

  • Thoughts on Force Awakens
  • How it compares to the old films
  • The burning questions left by Force Awakens answered by Mon our resident Star Wars fan.
  • What we want to see in the next movies


MMFF 2015

  • Thoughts on Walang Forever and All You Need Is Pag-ibig
  • Thoughts on My Bebe Love
    • The pros and cons of the movie
  • Thoughts on Honor Thy Father
    • Elements that set it apart from the other MMFF movies
    • Some JLC fanboying/girling
    • Frustrations in Erik Matti films
    • Possible sequel or tie-in with On The Job

For our written coverage of MMFF:


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And all the music used in the episode was from Lee Rosevere. You can find his other works here.

The Streamline Podcast: Episode 007 Star Wars and MMFF 2015

The Artista Path: Starstruck vs. PBB (A Quantitative Comparison)

Facebook Cover

Starstruck and Pinoy Big Brother have proven to be artista-making machines for the last ten or so years. There’s a good chance that the talents you’re currently watching on local primetime TV had their start in either one of these shows. Both shows returned last year, so I wanted to figure out which of the two programs is better in producing talent. Going in, I instinctively thought that PBB was better since they produced primetime talents such as Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Robi Domingo, et al. But on the other hand, Starstruck also produced the likes of  Jennylyn Mercado, Cristine Reyes and Paulo Avelino. So maybe there’s more stuff to dig through.

Like any person who likes to “overanalyze” things and have tons of time in their hands, I decided to delve deeper to put my “overanalyzing” mind to rest. So I searched for all the finalists of all the concluded seasons of Starstruck and PBB to check who had a TV, movie, theater or music opportunity in 2015. This assumes that my definition of a “successful product” would be a talent that continues to have an artist career in the entertainment industry (i.e. Starstruck winner Steven Silva had his stage debut while PBB alum Jessica Connelly released an EP  with Filipino producer CRWN December last year)

Disclaimer: Yes, my data came from Wikipedia again. Yes, it’s not the most credible source to get from but it’s the most complete by far. IMDB isn’t different because it’s also user-contributed data (and incomplete). Talent center websites such as the ABS-CBN talent center site is incomplete and not updated. I’d appreciate it if you can direct me to a better source!


Basic Data
Table 1.1                                                                                            as of Dec. 17, 2015                                                                     Icons used came from freepik via

Let’s start with the groundwork first. Although Starstruck started two years earlier, Pinoy Big Brother, has accomplished twice the number of seasons and has went through more than twice the contestants (90 vs. 239). The number of seasons and all can be attributed to the nature of the two shows. Starstruck is a flat-out talent search. Which meant that you need to have the talent and/or potential to even be considered in the show. On the other hand, PBB is a reality TV show about forcing 12+ random people to coexist in one house. As what I’ve discussed in my previous write-up, having talent can raise your chances of becoming a Big Winner, but it’s not a strong requirement to be a housemate. That’s why thousands upon thousands of people audition for PBB, all you need is an identity and a backstory.

So based on this data, what percent of these alums are still active?



Current Active Alums
Table 2.1


It seems that roughly half of the contestants who came from Starstruck had entertainment opportunities last year! That’s roughly a +30% compared to PBB alums. This goes back to the amount of people coming in the PBB house and not have the talent and staying power to stick in the entertainment industry. And if you look at the spread of alums who are still active, Starstruck has a better spread. This just meant that as long as you get into the final 14 of Starstruck, there’s a big chance that you’ll have an active entertainment career. If you check PBB’s on the other hand, you need to fight through and reach the Big 4 to get a respectable chance to have a steady entertainment career.

What we can get here: Starstruck would have more requirements than PBB but would give you a significantly better chance to have a place in the entertainment industry. On the other hand, it’s easier to be an housemate though it would be more difficult to have a place in the industry.

Next up, a deep-dive on the type of TV and Movie opportunities alums received this previous year.

TV/Movie Opportunities in 2015

Total Opportunities Data resized
Table 3.1

In terms of sheer amount of opportunities, Starstruck alums received twenty-six more opportunities than PBB alums. If divided to all the current alums, a Starstruck alum would get ONE more opportunity than a PBB alum (3.44 vs. 2.40). If you just count the number of opportunities given to Starstruck alums, Arci Munoz and Miguel Tanfelix led the segment with 7 opportunities. 2015 was a big year for Arci, having a lead spot in Pasion de Amor and a special participation role in A Second Chance. And these are just her TV and Movie opportunities. Data excludes her endorsements like being the Ginebra Calendar Girl for 2016.

However, not all opportunities are created equal. Some opportunities have more weight than others. Going back to the Arci Munoz example, being a lead in a teleserye weighs more than just having a special part in a movie. So I added weights to each opportunity to have a clearer picture. In the spirit of full disclosure here are the weights that I used:

Table 3.2

With this table as your guide, we can see that even in terms of quality, Starstruck alums receive better opportunities than PBB alums. With a 2.4 weighted opportunity advantage, they might have received an additional opportunity in an anthology series or a guest appearance.

And when you factor in the quality of opportunities, Jennylyn Mercado of Starstruck had the best opportunities, be it from Starstruck or PBB alums with 25 pts. She did star in two films (The Prenup and #Walang Forever) plus lead roles in two teleseryes (Second Chances and My Faithful Husband).

In the side of PBB, Melai Cantiveros was one of the contestants in season 1 and a had co-host role in season 2 of Your Face Sounds Familiar. Though low profile, PBB All-in 2nd Big Placer Maris Racal had a prolific year as a supporting actress in teleseryes (Ningning, Oh My G!) and movies (The Breakup Playlist, Halik Sa Hangin).

What we can get here: Overall, Starstruck alums are given better opportunities in terms of quality and quantity. A possible reason for relatively lower opportunities for PBB alums is that PBB’s parent channel, ABS-CBN, actively get talent from other programs. ABS-CBN is known to still produce talent via Star Magic (top of mind, Julia Barretto and Janella Salvador) and through their Goin’ Bulilit graduates (top of mind, Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes). In other words, PBB alums have to compete with more talent compared to Starstruck alums. And aside from the really established PBB alums like Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson, most PBB alums are more often given supporting roles or special participation opportunities. Prime example, PBB 737 Teen Big Winner Jimboy Martin is part of It’s Showtime‘s Hashtags dance group along with other PBB 737 alums, Zeus Collins and Jameson Blake.

How about we further dive into these TV opportunities? So we know where the alums get their opportunities

Total TV Opportunity Data
Table 3.3

We can see here in Table 3.3 that overall, Starstruck alums are given more TV opportunities than PBB alums (119 TV opps vs. 86 TV opps). If you go through the opportunities based on quality in 2015, we can see that PBB alums were given equal opportunities to be cast as a lead, support, extended et al.  But if you compare it to Starstruck, alums were given more opportunities as lead or part of the supporting cast. Hell, they had been cast significantly across different roles more than PBB alums. This confirms my guess that there’s just too many people to compete with in roles.

How about in movies?

Total Movie Opportunity Data
Table 3.4

In terms of movies, PBB alums were given significantly more movie opportunities in 2015 than Starstruck alums. However, you can see here that not a lot of alums from both TV shows are given movie opportunities as much as TV opportunities.

What we can get here: Starstruck alums are given more chances for big roles on TV compared to PBB alums. But in terms of movies, PBB alums have more opportunities than Starstruck alums. I guess an additional reason for more opportunities for Starstruck overall is that Starstruck alums are honed better than PBB alums. Again, Starstruck is an artista search. The show revolved around their training to become artists. On the other hand, after getting out of the PBB house, PBB alums still need to have a crash course in acting (most still go through the Star Magic Talent Program) to hone their talent.

With this slightly uneven opportunities, you’d think PBB alums, would leave ABS-CBN to look for better opportunities. Let’s check the channel movement of these alums


Alum Movement Data
Table 4.1

Interestingly, it seems that PBB alums are more loyal to ABS-CBN compared to Starstruck alums. A big chunk of Starstruck alums have left GMA to look for greener pastures. The likes of Arci Munoz and Paulo Avelino, arguably received better opportunities after leaving GMA. And this is the thing that puzzles me with the data. Why would Starstruck alums leave GMA even though they’re given better opportunities compared to ABS-CBN? I have two wild guesses, but these aren’t supported by any data:

  1. Better Working Conditions? Last 2014 to 2015, talents protested for unfair contract practices against GMA. These talents weren’t actors per se, but this gave a glimpse of how things work in GMA. Maybe GMA talents in general are paid less? I’m not sure. Again this is a wild guess.
  2. More Pirate-able: since they’re produced better, Starstruck alums have better value hence better demand from TV5 and ABS-CBN. If you’re in the shoes of a TV5 or ABS talent executive, would you want to risk a contract to an unproven talent that still needs to be taught how to act or an already honed but underutilized talent like a Paulo Avelino or a Cristine Reyes?

What we can get here: Based on my guesses above, people who go through the Starstruck program as talents, have more value than PBB alums since they are more pirate-able.


From all that I’ve discussed so far, it seems that my initial guess was wrong. Haha Starstruck alums seem to have steadier and better opportunities compared to PBB alums. Of course this assumes that you want to be an artista because acting is your passion. But what about if we check the popularity of Starstruck vs. PBB alums? Maybe you want to be an artista because you just really want to be famous? So I tried to measure this by checking the social media pages of these alums to check their following in the internet.

Do note that these figures are as of Dec 17, 2015. These stats may have changed over the Christmas break.


Social Media Data
Table 5.1

It seems that PBB alums are clearly followed more on social media compared to Starstruck alums. And by my definition, it seems that PBB alums are more popular (in social media) compared to Starstruck alums. BUT interestingly, Starstruck alums are significantly more active in social media, tweeting and posting pictures compared to PBB alums. We can also get from here is that social media activity of an alum does not equate to a better following. I would guess that external factors like awareness and exposure in media drive the following rather than activity.

Another interesting point here, the top alums that tweet do not necessarily mean the most followed. For example, Enzo Pineda is second in most tweets (26,900 tweets) among the Starstruck alums even though he has 583,000 Twitter followers. Compare those figures to Paulo Avelino who is followed by 1.28M people but has only tweeted 5.6K times. Or in the PBB alums side, PBB 737 evictee Fifth Solomon has tweeted 33K times to his 78.2K followers compared to Sam Milby who is followed by 3.7M people on Twitter but has only tweeted 4.7K times.


So if we go back to my earlier question, it seems that the answer isn’t really clear cut. It depends on your reason in joining these shows. Starstruck isn’t as highly-viewed as PBB but if you want a steadier flow of opportunities as an artist, joining Starstruck would be the better option. But be prepared coming in since it sauditions would be more stringent than PBB.

If you want to be an artista because you want the fame, you might want to choose PBB. By the nature of the show, you are literally exposed to the public 24/7. More exposure can mean more popularity for you. But be warned, than after PBB you would need to heavily compete for better breaks in your career if you ever decide to stay in ABS-CBN (most especially when you don’t get in the Big 4).

In the end, there’s no easy way to get fame and/or fortune. You need to exert the effort and show the desire to hone your skills. And like anything in life, you need to work your freaking ass off.



(P.S. shoutout to my quant consultant! You know who you are! I won’t mention your name in case there’s something wrong with the data!)

The Artista Path: Starstruck vs. PBB (A Quantitative Comparison)

Thoughts On…Walang Forever and All You Need Is Pag-Ibig

Thoughts On

So my first foray into MMFF 2015 involved two Tonette Jadaone-associated romcoms. All You Need Is Pag-ibig was written and directed by Jadaone while she was credited for an additional screenplay writer role for Walang Forever.

This write-up isn’t strictly a film review. Think of this as an organized version of my thoughts and musings while I was watching each show. Instead of livetweeting everything, I thought to just put them here.


#Walang Forever

After the success of last year’s English Only, Please, director Dan Villegas teamed up with Jennylyn Mercado for another off-beat romcom with Jericho Rosales as the new male lead. Jennylyn plays Mia Nolasco, a successful screenwriter having a hard time getting inspiration for her newest movie. Jericho plays as Ethan, Mia’s ex who suddenly returns.

  • Jennylyn’s proving herself to be the queen of Filipino romcoms. She has effortless chemistry with the leading men they pair her with
  • I can’t picture JM De Guzman in the role of Ethan. It felt like it was tailored for Jericho Rosales
  • Jerald Napoles stealing scenes again just like in English Only, Please. Give this guy his own indie comedy movie!
  • Weird story beats, a sudden dive in the last fifteen minutes of the film
    • There was a questionable decision at the end that didn’t make sense for me. Para lang magka-confrontation scene?
  • Mia Nolasco’s films ranked:
    1. The Liza Dino – Sid Lucero one (highly efficient acting from Sid Lucero. Did not waste any time to display his acting chops)
    2. The last film at the end of the movie (it’s spoilery if I divulge but these non-drama artists were able to carry this heavy scene)
    3. The Melai Cantiveros – Jason Francisco one (props for using Labidabs)
    4. The Sofia Andres – Julian Estrada one (showed some chemistry)
    5. The one with Michelle Vito (sorry, I’m not familiar with the guy)
    6. Khalil Ramos – Jane Oineza one (lacked chemistry, looked like a toothpaste commercial)
    7. and The Payong One (sorry! not familiar with both talents)
    8. SPECIAL MENTION: That “Ikaw Na, Beh” poster at the movie company office
  • Tonette Jadaone/Dan Villegas cast shoutouts: Jerald Napoles, Cai Cortez, Quark Henares, Pepe Herrera, Sofia Andres, Nico Antonio



Written and directed by Antoinette Jadaone, All You Need Is Pag-Ibig is a Love Actually-esque romantic movie that tries to show the different kinds of love present in the world through the lives of some interconnected people.

  • Tonette Jadaone is the J.J. Abrams of the Philippines when it comes to fitting talents with characters. Amazing how these talents were able to show a different side of their acting ability (i.e. Lilia Cuntapay as the lead in Six Degrees, Angelica Panganiban as a likable lead and JM De Guzman’s return to form in That Thing Called Tadhana)
    • Kris Aquino in this movie is the Kris Aquino we expect and dream her to be in real life–a bitter, alcoholic monster
      • Jadaone was able to make me like Kris Aquino!
  • With that haircut, not sure if Jodi Santamaria or Tuesday Vargas
    • The Ian-Jodie storyline’s funnier if you replace Jodi with Tuesday Vargas
  • There were too many stories in this film to fit two hours.
    • So much so that the flow of the movie was uneven. More time was given for the rising action that there was little time to properly tie everything up
    • Storylines ranked:
      1. Nova Villa – Ronaldo Valdez (this kind of story and love isn’t explored enough in local cinema)
      2. Ian-Jodie (standard romcom plot but the progression and use of romantic gestures were evenly paced)
      3. Kris Aquino (remove Derek Ramsey, that just didn’t make any sense at all. Just Kris Aquino being mean and bitter is the stuff dreams are made of)
      4. Pokwang (this  had potential. Medyo cop out ang settle for tita love after having the other characters chase for who they loved)
      5. Maricar-Derek (What happened? Why was Maricar so chill with the break up?)
      6. Kim-Xian (could have been more relevant with the choices you have and all pero I don’t get why Kim got punished for following Xian’s suggestion of faking everything)
      7. Bimby-Kim (Mame lang na may pelikula si Bimby, also lacked development)
  • That singalong to Rizal Underground’s “Bilanggo” inside the car scene of Jodi and Ian was PERFECT. Complete with air karaoke, air guitar and awkward daddy dance moves.
  • I really felt that the original script was the Jodi-Ian storyline. Their relationship was the anchor for all the other relationships after all. I’d like to think that they had to revise the script since Kris Aquino still didn’t have a MMFF movie and they needed to KimXi to add the token love team into a Star Cinema movie.
  • So much exposition/general proclamations about love. I guess that’s just how Filipinos really discuss love
  • Tonetteism: Destination of the movie: Coron
  • Biggest drop in performance: Derek Ramsey. From Best Actor of MMFF 2014 to talking naked piece of meat (subject for objectification lang)
    • Pro-tip: The Best Actor-worthy performance is in another movie. You won’t see it here.
  • Tonetteism: female characters in pain or seeking acceptance (i.e. Lilia Cuntapay in Six Degrees, Toni Gonzaga in You’re My Boss, Angelica Panganiban in That Thing Called Tadhana, etc.)
  • Tonetteism: using animations to illustrate central theme of the movie (i.e. relationship tree in Six Degrees, the arrow and the heart thing in That Thing Called Tadhana and now this one)
  • When did they finish shooting this? I saw red Starbucks cups already.
  • The animated scene didn’t do it for me. I thought they had another one at the end of the story to tie things up
  • It deeply saddened me when people in the cinema laughed at Nova Villa’s embarrassing scene. Yes, you can laugh at it because it was a classic case of miscommunication in marriage (we also had the same thing in A Second Chance). But if you think about it, it’s sad to see an elderly woman go to extreme lengths just so she could still feel wanted by her husband. Neglect at that age is a serious matter.
  • Tonette Jadaone/Dan Villegas cast shoutouts: Derek Ramsey, Pepe Herrera


Watch out for our thoughts on Honor Thy Father and other MMFF films in the coming week. IF Honor Thy Father survives the weekend.



Thoughts On…Walang Forever and All You Need Is Pag-Ibig