Taylor Swift is Cady Heron from Mean Girls

Taylor Swift is in hot water right now after dipping her toes into Nicki Minaj’s twitter race rant yesterday (Nicki has a point though). Media outlets took note of Taylor’s actions and American’s Sweetheart is in the middle of a backlash.

This, however, has been boiling for the past few weeks. After criticizing Apple Music for not paying artists during the service’s trial period, photogs criticized Ms. Swift for almost doing the same thing. Fusion also ran an article on Swift’s seemingly deep veneer cracking exposing something different from her sweetheart/bestfriend demeanor. Days after, Gawker posted a piece attacking the issue head on–Taylor Swift’s using faux-feminism to get your money. Nothing could be more poetic than this build up.

For those following Taylor Swift, this shouldn’t be new news though. A year ago, like an oracle atop Delphi, Katy Perry tweeted this warning:

Did we not take heed? And yes, Katy Perry has indirectly confirmed that this regarding Taylor Swift.

Nothing cracks me up like a well-placed Mean Girls reference but I must disagree that Taylor is Regina George. But if we follow the path laid by the great oracle and still base it on Mean Girls, Taylor Swift is actually Cady Heron. Yeah, Lindsay Lohan’s character from Africa. Don’t believe me? Here have a look:

What Katy Perry is talking about is the Queen Bee version of Cady.

Okay, so I’ve made some points, but what can we get from all this? Taylor Swift has yet to make a statement regarding the controversy and has even deleted her tweets to Nicki Minaj. Well, if this analogy holds true, we can somehow infer using Mean Girls’s storyline what Team Taylor’s next move is. So what can happen?

  1. Taylor will win the Video of the Year Award for “Bad Blood”, she’ll acknowledge her change in image in her thank you message.
  2. A live trustfall will happen in the VMAs with someone shouting “She doesn’t even go here!” at Rebecca Black
  3. Her next album will be a back to her country roots type of album
  4. She’ll become a mathlete and will answer the last question to win the competition.

I’m not sure about the fourth one but who knows, the limit doesn’t exist for someone such as Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift is Cady Heron from Mean Girls