Ranking The AlDub Commercials

AlDub Power Rankings


(Last updated: Jan. 10, 2016)

Arguably, being the most in-demand loveteam of the year, it’s not surprising for AlDub to have a dozen or so commercials and endorsements to their name. But not all AlDub commercials are created equal. Some make perfect use of the couple’s gimmicks and talents while some just use their presence to get people’s attention. So I thought, why not rank the greatest to the not so great AlDub commercials? So to have a proper way of evaluating each commercial, I’ll be using these three parameters:

  • Enjoyability: Was the commercial enjoyable? Did it have other enjoyable qualities aside from seeing Maine and Alden’s faces?
  • AlDub-ness (Kwela+Kilig): Did the commercial retain the qualities that made the couple great? Also, plus points if the TVC included some Kalye Serye elements like the split screen, the lolas, etc.
  • Brand Fit: Was the TVC able to highlight the brand or product? It is a TVC after all. It should highlight the product and not just be a 15 or 30 second extension of Kalye Serye. Tying the product with AlDub is the most ideal

To be clear, the most romantic or funniest commercial DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MEAN  the best commercial. The one that was able to translate the most into sales DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MEAN the best commercial. Heck, my most favorite AlDub commercial here isn’t even #1.

I’ll update the list if other commercials still come up.

Numbers 15 – 11 (Ano ang relate?)

Zonrox Thick Bleach TVC

Enjoyable because of Maine’s dubsmash acting. But really, their segue from AlDub to Zonrox is that both couple and brand can induce kilig?A price drop of my preferred bleach brand wouldn’t be one of the top reasons for me to get the giggles. And what is it with that segue? It’s like saying John Lloyd Cruz and Donna Cruz are related because they have the same last name.

McDonald’s “Papa Na Kita” TVC

I was excited when it was announced that McDonald’s will be their first endorsement. Based on McDo’s track record of producing high quality ads, I was all hyped. Boy, was I disappointed. The AlDub-ness of the commercial was there. The song’s great and fit perfectly with the couple. But dang where’s the product connection? And if you think of the story of the ad, although they split-screened Maine and Alden, there was no proof that they knew each other, so basically, they were singing “ikaw ang aking mahal” to the chicken they were eating.

Datu Puti TVC

A common device used in AlDub commercials is bait and switch. TVCs will set up the tone in a romantic way but once it’s about to reach the climax, they’ll switch it with the product placement, just like this one. You’d think they’re on some formal date (their attire and the location), but then they introduce the product and start cooking barbecue in the middle of a garden. The transition between the product and endorser was rough. Also, isn’t wearing a suit or a dress an impractical way of cooking and eating barbecue? Just because Zonrox is considered by 9 out of 10 moms as “sulit” and priced at 16.10 PhP doesn’t mean you can start being reckless in your dates.

Talk ‘N Text “#AlDubEverAfter” TVC

Another bait and switch TVC, where they set it up like it was AlDub’s wedding video, only to show that they were just part of the bride and groom’s entourage. And just like the other commercials the product connection was rather vague. If it wasn’t for the TNT wallpaper and the tag at the end of the commercial, you’d think this is a commercial for Viber more than TNT because this commercial assumes that you already know the TNT promo they were endorsing from their first ad.

McDonald’s “Paniwalaan Mo” TVC

Their second TVC for McDo was far better than their first. It was able to clear up the story (okay Alden and Maine are together) and they added the lolas as chuwariwaps that added a Kalye Serye bonus. Although it’s weird that even when they’re already a couple (based on the locket and the pictures in the wallet), they still used the Missed Him By That Much trope. Can’t they whip out their O+ phones and call each other using their TNT sim? Then again, how does the product they’re endorsing, the fried chicken, relate to the story?

Numbers 10 – 5 (Gets naman ng kaunti)

Bingo “#MaiDenKiligSaSweet” TVC

This ad got in the top 10 because of the clear connection of the brand and the couple (Bingo and MaiDen are sweet therefore kilig!) But aside from that, Maine and Alden, were standard endorsers and were pretty much underutilized. No display of any of their talents. The music reinforced the kilig aspect of the ad rather than to add kwela, like the other commercials. And I’m not going to count the improbable touching of pinky fingers as kwela at all.


Downy “#DownyRuBAEDEBango” TVC

So this is a straightforward Missed Him by That Much scene but at least here it’s evident that they’re a couple. What’s also good is how they used the music to connect AlDub and product together. They knew the importance of music in the couple’s gimmick so they made full use of it. And the visualization of Downy’s proposition of rubadubango was clear. This could have ranked higher if not for the use of a little girl as a breathing stage marker (more on this in a different write-up).

Maine Rejoice “Ready For Destiny” TVC

The connection of the brand with Maine is clear here, “to be ready for destiny (meaning meeting Mr. Right is part of a woman’s destiny), use Rejoice!”. But they were weird elements in the video. Why did we need to see Maine’s old pictures? To highlight her readiness for her destiny at a young age? Or to say that she wasn’t ready for destiny until she used Rejoice? And why was she watching herself on Youtube? Why sell the Megapack using this tone? Rejoice has been known for their upbeat and light commercials, why change it now? Especially when Maine and AlDub’s strengths are their upbeat mix of romance and comedy?

Maine 555 TVC

It’s a solid ad because it was effective in embracing all three parameters. The song Maine dubbed was clear in establishing the tension between choosing from two of 555’s supposedly delicious products.

Hapee Toothpaste TVC

Probably the most striking, most unique and most effective use of the couple’s dubbing abilities. Sadly though, you need to watch all four minutes of it to appreciate its greatness, which meant this was expensive to translate on TV. I’ve watched the 30s version of this commercial and it lacked the oomph (the Hotline Bling reference didn’t make the cut). Also it wasn’t clear how the product affected their dubbing? Using Hapee would make you a better dubber?

Tide “#AlDubBabaTide6” TVC

This is an example of a commercial achieving the AlDub-ness personality without being mushy or serious. It’s light, fun and made perfect use of the couple’s talents. Plus points for retooling Shaggy’s “Mr. Boombastic” to connect the product and AlDub (seems a commonality between their P&G laundry endorsements). Plus points for the laundering ladies as back-up dancers.

Numbers 4 – 1 (Achib na achib!)

Talk N’ Text “Extended Ang Saya” TVC

Their  first TNT ad was solid. It was able to setup the service they were selling with the couple’s story in the commercial. Considering that what they were selling was a service that’s intangible (as compared to bleach, or fried chicken), the ad was able to succinctly sell the service without compromising the AlDub-ness. Plus points for using Carly Rae Jepsen. Minus points for using a different version of God Gave Me You.

O+ Plus Ultra TVC

Probably the ad that got most out of its source material. So much additional points for smoothly including Kalye Serye elements into the story as well as the product being sold (maglalast ang battery ng O+ Plus Ultra mo hanggang umabot ka sa Tamang Panahon).


Coke “Pasarapin Ang Moment Ngayong Pasko” TVC

Continuing their long line of quality Christmas commercials, Coke made effective you of the bait and switch to deliver a surprise funny ending; pretty much like an RKO outta nowhere. Product message was also clearly established. Although, like the Hapee commercial, I’m not sure if this can deliver the same impact if it’s cut into a 15s – 45s commercial.

Bear Brand Adult Plus “Combo” TVC

And the best AlDub commercial, so far, goes to Bear Brand Adult Plus. It has kwela. It has kilig. It made use of the split screen gimik perfectly. It sold the product all throughout the ad, without a bait and switch. Also, didn’t use a kid as a breathing marker.

Ranking The AlDub Commercials

The Streamline Podcast Episode 0003! Heneral Luna, Elitism and Anti-Intellectualism

Finally! The gang is complete for episode 3 of The Streamline Podcast by Pop Philtre!

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and anti-intellectualism roaming around social media

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The Streamline Podcast Episode 0003! Heneral Luna, Elitism and Anti-Intellectualism

Why Lola Nidora Is Secretly The Biggest AlDub Fangirl

Why Lola Nidora is secretly the biggest 2

No one had thought the love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) would reach this much media coverage. Last Saturday, they became the top trending topic worldwide, eclipsing Ryan Rems’s win in It’s Showtime’s Funny One segment. Heck, even the director, Mike Tuviera, is overwhelmed with how much support the love team is getting.

I understand how they can get a modest following. Yaya Dub is pretty, charismatic and obviously talented; being able to contort her face into Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” every 2 seconds. Alden Richards has the charm and the looks to be an impeccable male lead. But to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t think saying sweet nothings via lip syncing Thinking Out Loud, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us or God Gave Me You would be enough to reach this much exposure and to cause longer lines in Broadway Centrum. I feel the Eat Bulaga management knew they had something in their hands after the love team’s first on-screen flirtations (Alden and Yaya Dub, at the time of writing, have still not met in person). They just needed a catalyst to launch this accidental love team to new heights.

AlDub’s unlikely hype woman

You know that popular belief that diamonds are created from coal after being put under extreme pressure and heat? For AlDub, that extreme pressure and heat is Lola Nidora. Without her persistent meddling we wouldn’t have the kalye-serye. We’d all be stuck with 20min dubsmash tennis matches everyday.

In the last three weeks, Lola Nidora has crammed all the possible Filipino teleserye villain tropes to stop the lovebirds. She kidnapped Alden, asked for an outrageous amount for Yaya Dub’s hand, and even arranged Yaya Dub to be married to a rich man she doesn’t love. That’s already a full season’s worth of big events!

But what’s interesting here is Lola Nidora’s big evil schemes, made viewers root for AlDub more and more. Rather than get dissuaded, they hung on more. Made it into a more legit thing. It reached to a point that a fan even made a theme song for the couple. Lola got the receiving end of the Streisand Effect.

It's a cleanly-produced song. Parang Mr. Right ni Kim Chiu

AlDub fans, you better thank Lola Nidora for everything that the love team has achieved. Without her, there wouldn’t be anyone to make the love team interesting. Without her, viewers wouldn’t be introduced to Rogelio, Rogelio, Rogelio and Rogelio and to Frankie Arinoli. Without her, you wouldn’t love the characters behind the lip-syncing. And without her, no one could have pushed Alden to reach out of Broadway Centrum to meet Yaya Dub in person. Alas, Maine had to be rushed to the hospital after fainting in last Saturday’s episode. Lola Nidora has brought more positives than negatives to the couple that you’d think she’s actually an AlDub fan.

Why Lola Nidora Is Secretly The Biggest AlDub Fangirl