Thoughts On…Just The 3 Of Us

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Who doesn’t want a John Lloyd-Jennylyn led romcom? John Lloyd’s the patron saint of local romance films. Jennylyn’s on a tear after winning back-to-back Best Actress awards for romance film roles. And they also have Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina at the helm? You sure as hell know I’ll be up for that. That’s three of the best things the local romcom world has to offer!

Sadly, Just The 3 Of Us was…an okay movie. It wasn’t a bad movie nor was it a game-changing movie like One More Chance or English, Only Please; something you’d expect based on the names attached to the film. It basically followed the same ebb and flow of a romcom movie: a guy and girl who are at odds with each other are forced into some weird set-up and they fall in-love. It’s still a solid premise that people can get behind, but again I was expecting more from a project that has these much successful names included. Surely you’d understand that right?

But what really disappointed me with this film was how John Lloyd still fell into the usual characterization that he has been playing in romance films for the last 10 – 12 years! You see, last year, we wrote about the John Lloyd Hypothesis. On how, John Lloyd’s characters tend to be emotionally-dependent, manipulative and broken.  It’s a lengthy piece but goddammit it’s the best and in-depth profile we’ve written.

As a self-proclaimed Lloydie-ologist, I want John Lloyd to move on from that characterization. He won’t able to test the limits of his acting talent if he plays the same type of character in every single film. And he’s actually on a roll lately with A Second Chance, Honor Thy Father and Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis. And then Just The 3 Of Us comes out of nowhere and returns JLC back to his old romcom self. Let’s see how:

(SPOILER WARNING: I’ll be spoiling a lot of stuff from the film. Better watch the movie first before you proceed.)

JLC's Old Patterns

I guess I just root for John Lloyd so much that I don’t want to see him falling back to his old patterns. He’s just too talented of an actor to always play this kind of character.


  • Here’s another way to watch the film: it’s a story of how Philippine society mistreats and pressures pregnant women. She had to beg for support from the supposed father. Also had to lie to her family about her condition so not to disappoint them.
  • JLC had the weirdest and funniest O-face I’ve seen on local media. Imma need to gif that once the movie’s available
  • If John Lloyd’s a wrestler, he’d be the perfect heel
    • Who’s a more perfect heel than JLC? Baron Geisler! Didn’t expect Baron Geisler to be Jennylyn’s ex. They went for the batugan ex rather than the “better than current” ex. Of course they needed to look for a shittier ex because JLC already treats Jennylyn horribly
  • “Kahit magswimming ako sa alak ngayon, wala kang magagawa.”
  • Did JLC’s character fall for Jennylyn’s because she pampers JLC like a mom would do?
  • Shout out to Joel Torre and his white sando. He should get an endorsement deal for white sandos
  • Do paternity tests take six weeks? What is up with that
  • JLC and Jennylyn have chemistry when they banter. It’s just bad that a big chunk of the movie had them at odds with each other
  • Of course they were able to find a way to insert Biogesic and Magic Flakes endorsements in the film
  • The film could have at least been less formulaic if at one point Jennylyn strongly considered abortion. At least the focus of the film went back to the baby rather just being used as a plot device.
  • Another disappointing thing: apparently some people on youtube have mentioned how Just The 3 Of Us‘s premise was similar to a Korean TV series.


Just The 3 Of Us now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide

Thoughts On…Just The 3 Of Us

One thought on “Thoughts On…Just The 3 Of Us

  1. It’s not a game-changer. That’s what I thought about the movie, too. It’s not a life-changer, or a game-changer, but it was fun. 😀 I really appreciated John Lloyd in his film, because he’s at it again – that magic thing he does to make you forget about everything else but him. Didn’t really feel the connection between Uno and CJ though. I mean, how’d they fall in love again and – um – why? 😀

    Great review as always. Keep it up! 😀


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